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Lecture 1: MMM and Russia's Privatization


Section I: Russia’s Privatization

At the end of 1991, the former Soviet Union collapsed and all Union Republics became independent. By February 1992, Russia began to privatize state-owned assets.

In October 1993, Yeltsin disbanded Russian Parliament by force, imposed a dictatorship and conspired with bankers and industry oligarchs to swallow up state-owned assets.

1.Two stages of privatization.

1) Privatization of securities (from January 1992 to the end of June 1994): Everyone was entitled to get a privatized security of 10,000 rubles at the value of approximately USUS$28,000, with which people could be free to purchase shares.

2) "Privatization of currency" (from July 1, 1994): High-quality enterprises such as oil, natural gas, non-ferrous metals and aviation were auctioned and bidden at extremely low prices

2.Consequences of privatization

"Privatization" was an unprecedented movement of "large segmentation" of property; It broke down the economic base of the original system, and resulted in the situation of "plutocrat infestation and oligarchic participation in politics". It was an unprecedented disaster for the Russian nation.

According to the Outline on Russia's Privatization, there were seven important objectives:

1) To form a private class;

2) To improve the economic efficiency of the enterprises;

3) To establish a social security fund system with income derived from privatization;

4) To promote a better financial situation of the country;

5) To enhance competitiveness and demonopolization of the economy;

6) To attract foreign investment;

7) To create conditions for privatization and establish a sound organizational system.

At the beginning of privatization, Russian Parliament and the public had high expectations on the privatization, hoping to form a private class and achieving seven major goals of improving economic returns of enterprise. However, dictatorship of Yeltsin's Government and its collusion with industry oligarchs dashed those goals.

Main consequences of privatization:

1) The former Soviet Union was a creditor country; but became a debtor country after privatization: Domestic debt of 200 trillion rubles, external debt of more than US$60 billion; A third of the government budget was used to pay off debts

2) High inflation rate: 25 times of that in 1992; 10,000 rouble could only be enough to buy a pair of high-grade leather shoes or a kilo of sausages on October 1, 1992.

Shock therapy was adopted for Russia’s privatization: Large-scale, sudden and quick privatization, regardless of inflation and public affordability: Russia Government expected to complete privatization of 15,000 state-owned enterprises in a year or two.

Over the past five years of privatization, prices have risen by nearly 50-60 times. Teacher's salary was 50,000 rubles: 400 rubles was only sufficient to buy a big piece of brown bread, which could be eaten for two days. 0.5kg wine was worth 2,000 rubles.

Due to privatization, 81% of bank deposits and 460 billion rubles of bank savings were looted. This was almost all amount of savings at the low-wage age of planned economy, and thus the retiree lost the life dependence in their old age.

Russian official documents showed that from 1992 to 1996, as a result of hyperinflation, the national privatized economy lost more than 9,500 trillion rouble, or approximately US$1.7 trillion calculated at the price in 1995, which was equivalent to 2.5 times of the economic losses during the war.

3) High unemployment rate: 9.1% - 15.2%. During the process of privatization, enterprises were restructured and the number of bankruptcies increased, worsening the employment situation.

4) Serious polarization: The richest 10% of the population occupied 45% of the wealth; 58% of the residents lived below the minimum living standard, and one third lived below the poverty line.

5) Serious sustained economic decline (1992-1999): GNP fell by 44% in 1998 compared to that of 1990, industrial gross output fell by 54%, and consumer goods production fell by 58%. The aviation manufacturing industry previously produced 400 aircraft a year, but now produces no more than 20 aircraft a year, 12-15%of the decreasing production capacity.

6) Widespread criminal activities: Abuse of power, use of power for personal gain, embezzlement and bribery, and fraud. More than 1000 officials were sentenced.

About 55% of the capital and 80% of the voting stock were grasped by the hands of criminal groups both inside and outside Russia during the privatization process. Official corruption was very serious.

7) State-owned assets were sold at a low price

For example, 500 large enterprises with a total value of over US$200 billion were sold at US$7.2 billion; Moscow "Gill" automobile factory with the total assets of US$1 billion was sold at US$4 million. From 1994 to 1996, the companies were sold at US$1.8 thousand averagely, while the Honda Accord was sold at US$8 thousand. You must be wondering why state-owned assets were sold at such a low price??

The Reason was that privatization did not depend on laws but on "presidential decree" and Outline on Privatization, thus bypassing parliamentary boycotts and speeding up the legalization of "dividing up state-owned assets". Even George Soros couldn’t bear to see that Yeltsin Group, bankers and industry oligarchs embezzled state-owned assets, and he said:

1) Russia was privatized for "turning predatory capitalism into legitimate capitalism".

2) Define the Russian economic system as "predatory capitalism" and "piratical barbarian capitalism."

The oligarchs legally devoured state-owned asserts, excluding foreign capital and private capital (including private foundations). Only insiders could trading, i.e., original state-owned enterprise executives, oligarchs behind the scenes and bankers.

By the end of June 1994, Yeltsin announced that: 70% of enterprises were privatized and that there were 40 million shareholders. 700,000 to 900,000 thousands of people received the returns of the privatization, but only 2,000 people shared the large cake. But most people ended up with nothing more than a tiny "subsidiary", a "lottery ticket" that could not produce real wealth. The government's commitment to allocation of assets to people was not real but "dark box operation", and privately transferred to "insiders".

8) The consortium's control over the economy and oligarchs' participation in politics

After the privatization campaign, Russia's economy continued to deteriorate, inflation was severe, and the rouble depreciated wildly.

1994: 1 privatized security = 10,000 rubles = US$7 = 1kg sausage

Official exchange rate on November 25, 1994: US$1 = 3,235 rubles

Due to inflation, the rouble value greatly depreciated. As a consequence, people have lost all confidence in the value of the securities of the state-owned enterprises they held, and believed that the securities have long become waste paper without any "dividend". They might as well sell them out early for cash instead of keeping them as rubbish! At that time, Russia was transformed from the planned economy to market economy, and people didn’t know the value of shares and securities. Industry oligarchs spread rumor that "stock was not worth a penny", conducted short sell of privatized securities, and colluded with banks to using money from banks and foreign capital to buy privatized securities at a low price in the underground market. The privatized exchange vouchers shared by the whole people were soon concentrated in the hands of seven oligarchs, and thus Russia's main economic lifeline was then controlled by such big oligarchs. When the Parliament cashed in on privatized securities in exchange for equity, it was found to have been fooled! But it was too late.

The most serious consequence of Russia's privatization was "the consortium's control over the economy and oligarchs' participation in politics".

After Mr. Yeltsin's re-election in 1996, seven oligarchs sponsored Yelstin for being re-elected as president. After Yelstin was reelected as president successfully, these oligarchs stepped up their efforts to demand political returns or even carried out blackmail to the authorities, blackmailed Yelstin. A few consortia took the opportunity to control the news media, manipulate politics, share power, and so far interfere with Mr Putin's rule.

Russia’s Privatization in the Era of MMM

This is an article written by an expert who that Russia’s Privatization was an American conspiracy, a brutal financial battle and currency war. After reading this article, you would have a profound understanding and knowledge about the privatization process of Russia and the final miserable results.


Section II: MMM Joint Stock Company

1.Established on October 20, 1992

On October 20, 1992, Sergey Mavrodi established MMM Joint Stock Company, a financial institution.

2.MMM’s tickets

MMM began selling shares on February 1, 1994, which were snapped up soon. MMM applied to issue additional shares but such application was rejected by the government! In the same month, MMM issued internal tickets (without warranty or engagement; printed with head portrait of Sergey Mavrodi; the face value was 1000 rubles). MMM had offices in more than 60 cities across the country. MMM tickets could be converted into MMM shares, rubles and US dollars at any time. MMM tickets were sold in thousands of retail stores and had more than doubled in the same month.

MMM shares price (buy and sell prices of MMM tickets) was published in all medias. In short, MMM advertisements were rebroadcast by Central Television of the the former Soviet Union on a regular basis: "today is always more expensive than yesterday" , Mavrodi became a hero to Russians, second only to the President in stature. Also there were all sorts of draws among investors, for example, the contest "Miss MMM-94" caused a sensation in Russia.

3.At war with the government

In the context of Russia’s privatization, MMM was in a huge success: Within half a year, the price per share(initially 1,000 rubles) had increased 127 times, the total investment amount of millions of investors had reached USUS$1 to 1.5 billion, making up one-third of the country's budget. MMM coupons were sold every day, earning 40 billion rubles during the rush hour. When the scale has exceeded all conceivable and unreal expectations (inclusive of Mavrodi), the government got worried. Besides, Sergei Mavrodi did not have any contacts with the authorities in principle, although he kept being invited to the Kremlin "for negotiations." Therefore, Mavrodi was “at war” with the government.

Due to Russia’s privatization, state-owned assets were sold at the value less than 1% of the original value! Mavrodi raised funds to purchase shares of state-owned companies for distributing dividends to MMM tickets holder. Mavrodi held 7% shares (Gazprom), with market price of US$25 billion. Sergey Mavrodi was a nominee, but legally, the 7% belonged to Sergey Mavrodi.

Mavrodi acquired companies through capital market methods, such as stocks and cash to prevent oligarchs from misappropriating and repeatedly stated publicly that "would not allow to rob the country". He therefore offended bankers and oligarchs. Bankers and industry oligarchs colluded, thwarted and threatened Mavrodi (Movie scene: His seagull car was destroyed by an assassin with rocket launcher; his assistant was stabbed; his daughter was kidnapped). Oligarchs tried to bribe Mavrodi (Banker Biliavsky negotiated with with Mavrodi at a park and intended to acquire MMM at US$50 billion through US consortium). Mavrodi asked the banker why and the banker said your company had a big influence. But it was flatly rejected by Mavrodi and he said “I wouldn’t betray Russia”.

4.Company bankruptcy for persecution

Threats and acquisition failed. The Russian government began to apply large-scale pressure on MMM. Now the central TV-channels demonstrated "anti-MMM" commercials. Officials of all ranks including the President himself often performed on TV explaining that MMM was a scam. They urged people to sell their MMM-94 tickets as soon as possible, causing a huge market panic across the country. Even the President made such a rumor, no company could stand. Mavrodi began to fight back with unlimited funds and announced a resumption: MMM tickets currently priced at 12,700 rubles would be sold at the initial price of 1,000 rubles, with a monthly gain of 400%! Russians were beginning to snap the tickets up again. The company's money was stacked in every room!

MMM posed serious threat to Yeltsin's regime and MMM tickets violated the interest of Russian financial oligarchs.

Yeltsin's Strongman Government was an autocracy that had colluded with financial oligarchs at the beginning:

After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, there were two power centers in Russia. One was privatization innovationist that was represented by Russian White House (Parliamentarians) and another was anti-privatization innovationist faction (President faction) that was represented by Yeltsin.

The two factions fought severely, mainly manifested in two aspects:

1) Whether to execute the “Shock therapy” from the aspect of economy,

2) Whether to implement the presidential system in which President had power over than legislature from the aspect of politics.

The conflicts between two factions were irreconcilable and reached to a feverish pitch. On September 21, 1993, Yeltsin published 1400 Decree that abolished the Supreme Soviet People's Congress’s function of exercising legislative power, administrative or control on the country. Supreme Soviet Chairman called an emergency meeting at once, announced Yeltsin Coup, removed him and appointed the acting president.

On October 3, 1993, Yeltsin ordered the army to surround the Parliament Building and next day, ordered to bombard the Parliament Building to disband the parliament forcibly. Supreme Soviet Chairman, acting president appointed by the parliament and Generals who supported the parliament were arrested; 200 people were killed and thousands of people were injured in the conflict. This was the well-known October Event. Yeltsin’s Government controlled the parliament by this event and cleared the way for embezzling state-owned assets. The remaining obstacle was private capital represented by Mavrodi.

On August 4, 1994, the Russian government intervened and special forces broke the armed door and arrested Mavrodi on the charge of tax evasion. The officer who arrested him told Mavrodi that if he did not arrest Mavrodi, another two months later, there would be no government and no president, but only you Mavrodi! That’s true! The value of MMM tickets increased by 400% per month and all money were in Mavrodi’s pockets but the government had nothing and would quickly fall.

Russian authorities took away 17 trucks of cash from MMM. MMM failed under the strong intervention of the government. Millions of investors lost about US$ 0.11 billion. The original text of Mavrodi: "The system itself did not collapse, but was destroyed artificially at the peak of its development"!

Mavrodi suffered from political persecution and government conspiracy and thus another obstacle hindering them from embezzling state-owned assets was cleared away.

Everyone should see the movie for three times and then you could have a deeper understanding of the development background and brilliant achievements of MMM as well as the magnificent life of Sergey Mavrodi.


Section III: Sergey Mavrodi

Sergey Mavrodi was born on August 11, 1955, in Moscow in a simple soviet “middle class” family. From his father, half ukranian greek, was left a memorable surname. Mavrodi refers to "black" and "darkness" in Greek.

1.Mathematical genius

Mavrodi was a genius who showed great talent in the exact sciences and was the winner of numerous physical and mathematical Olympiads, sometimes even led lessons on behalf of his teachers. He graduated in 1978 with the specialization “artificial intelligence” from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering at the Department of Applied Mathematics

2.Successful entrepreneur

Mavrodi was talented in business and started a simple business – trade of the audio and video recordings when he was in college.

In 1989, Sergey Mavrodi established “MMM” in Moscow by cooperation with partners, selling Korean IT products,which is the largest IT product dealer in Russia's Far East..

3.Gifted financier

On October 20, 1992, Mavrodi founded MMM joint-stock company, a financial institution. The brand became universally recognizable after Mavrodi offered, several times, to all the residents of Moscow a day of free of charge travel in Metro (Moscow subway).

On New Year's Eve of 1993, Mavrodi took the place of President Yeltsin to deliver a New Year message to all Russian people. At that time, he wore a red suit. After that, red suits were popular all over the country

Since February 1994, "MMM" began to issue tickets, of which the value had increased 127 times, the number of investors had reached nearly 15 million people, and the company's turnover(total amount: US$1 billion to 5 billion) made up one-third of the country's budget.


In early August 1994, Mavrodi was accused of tax evasion and arrested.

4.Duma councillor

In October 1994, Mavrodi was elected as a Member of Parliament by a handsome majority in the prison and then he was amnestied. After he was released, he wrote a letter to the authorities, stating that he gave up all welfare returns such as serviced apartment and car as well as servants. Mavrodi applied for election of Duma Member solely for the sake of parliamentary immunity. He showed no interest to politics and was not present at any of its meetings.

5.Political persecution

In October 1995, Mavrodi's membership was terminated. Soon after, the investigations against him were restarted by the Russia prosecutor, additionally to the existing cases there has been added one more – fraud.

On December 17, 1997, Mavrodi was added into the Russian and then in the international wanted list. More than 5 years he was forced to hide in the environs of Moscow.

In 2003 Mavrodi was arrested. For himself Mavrodi didn’t spend almost anything – didn’t buy yachts, palaces, planes, etc; there was no evidence of appropriating public funds.

On April 25, 2007, the court sentenced Sergey Mavrodi to 4.5 years in prison and all of his personal properties were forfeited. On May 22, he was released after serving a sentence. As the term of imprisonment began from detention and the case investigation lasted for more than 4 years, this was definitely political persecution. The government applied strong pressure on MMM, causing MMM bankrupt. Finally, he was framed for fraud by the government, which was very vicious. But nothing could he did because it’s government.


In 2011, MMM was reorganized. With lessons drawn from previous failure, Mavrodi didn’t set any central account and allowed participants to transfer money directly to each other. He didn’t manage any money and he would only point out a golden boulevard for people. He only provided financial enlightenment and pointed out “financial enlightenment” is inevitable. We must destroy the existing unfair financial system.

7.A man of many talents

Versatile. Mavrodi wrote songs and composed music in prison. His works sold well across the country. His poems were choreographed and sung in Russia. Two of his screenplays were made into movies. His poems were turned into songs and sung in Russia.

On April 7, 2007, the moive “MMM Financial Pyramid” was released across the country: This movie was based on Mavrodi's Memoirs of MMM, in which he was the prototype of the protagonist. In 2008, was released his book “The Temptation” (other name – “Son of Lucifer”), written by him in prison. It had been published in countries such as Europe and America.

8.Pass away

On March 25, 2018, Mavrodi had a sudden myocardial infarction at a bus stop and was taken to hospital by a passer-by. Unfortunately, he passed away on the following day at the age of 62.

On March 31, a small, dignified funeral was held and his ex-wife present at the funeral

《Sergey Mavrodi Cemetery》

《Biography of Sergey Mavrodi》

《In Memory of Sergey Mavrodi》


Section IV: Comments, Misunderstandings and Rumors


VTsIOM’s Poll on Sergey Mavrodi in 2014: 17% of Russians thought he was a financial genius and an outstanding entrepreneur, and 74% think he was a fraud.

1) Fraud: 74%; because of the official verdict. The case lasted for more than four years and then was finally sentenced during which period, millions of people lost US$110 million. There was nothing he could do when he was framed as a fraud. He didn’t debate because this case was borne out by the government.

2) People who really knewmuch about him believe that he was a financial genius and an outstanding entrepreneur: 17%;


(1) Personal prestige: On New Year's Eve of 1993, Mavrodi took the place of President Yeltsin to deliver a New Year message to all Russian people and he was second to the President in statute; his popularity could be seen from this.

(2) Private currency: In 1994, MMM issued internal tickets, i.e., MMM ticket. The price per share had increased 127 times. MMM tickets could be freely converted into rubles and US dollars; many companies issued MMM tickets to employees as salaries; actually, MMM tickets were private currency. At that time, Officer of Russian Finance Ministry also consulted with Mavrodi about how to issue treasury bonds.

(3) There was such a plot in the movie: Mavrodi participated in meeting of the ministers on invitation: he suggested to promote Russia’s privation to Europe by taking lands as a guarantee.

He suggested:

a. The Parliament should support MMM by passing legislation and the government made a guarantee for MMM tickets by land, oil, gas, etc.

b. The government should take advantage of resources and diplomatic relations and combine with the technology, prestige and successful experience of Mavrodi.

c. Announced to the world MMM tickets were special national bonds actually secured by lands. In this way, the West would invest several billions and even trillion dollars to purchase MMM tickets.

d. So Russia had the opportunity to turn from the raw material supply base to the financial center of the western world.

Sadly, Mavrodi ‘s suggestion threatened the control power of Yeltsin’ clique in the field of national gas and oil and was strongly opposed and suppressed by the government.


If Yeltsin hadn’t cracked down Mavrodi but adopted his advice of issuing special treasury bonds to the West with land as mortgage, Russia would have become the world's largest economy, with the U.S. and other western countries becoming "participants" for Russian treasury bonds. Unfortunately, Yeltsin ’s Government cracked down Mavrodi for their own sake and as a result, Russia, the country and the nation missed the historical opportunity, an opportunity to become the world financial center!

3) Patriot: No fear of power and no betraying Russia: Not attracted by US$ 50 billion.

4) Nobility: Giving up the returns as a member in public; For himself Mavrodi didn’t spend almost anything – didn’t buy yachts, palaces, planes, etc; through more than 4 years of investigations, Russia Government hadn’t found any evidence that he appropriated public funds. He was a very noble man! He fell down at a bus station alone. How could he corrupt when he had no acquaintance.

2. Misunderstand MMM as Ponzi scheme

1) He was investigated for more than 4 years as a fraud and sentenced to 4.5 years. This case was borne out by ironclad evidence; debate was useless.

2) Mainstream medias in the world believed that MMM was a Ponzi scheme and published Mavrodi‘s photos in the prison and negative comments; the public didn’t understand MMM, Mavrodi or the Ponzi scheme. If the government announced Bitcoin was illegal, the great majority of people would believe it as a hoax.

3) Be unfamiliar with Ponzi scheme:


Ponzi scheme is commonly known as “rob Peter to pay Paul”, “Fishing with no bait”. It generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors, thus creating the false impression of high rates of return so as to swindle more investments. Seen from its form, MMM is similar to a Ponzi scheme in that both are based on using new investors’ funds to pay the earlier backers. But, in essence, there is a world of difference between them!

(1) In all Ponzi schemes, a central account is set: Firstly, in the Ponzi scheme, there are legal person, central account and it requires to reach a investment contract with investors to form legal relationship; however, MMM is not a subject of legal relations, it has no central account, contract or legal relation with participants.

(2) All Ponzi schemes make up investment projects: Publish false finance lease claim and individual creditor's rights projects. Only one to two or three projects of 100 projects published by them are real while the remaining products are false and made up; but MMM is neither an investment project, nor a business, deal or any business. It is a mutual aid community.

(3) All Ponzi schemes promise high rates of return: Annual return rate 10%-18% and declared “guaranteed principal and interests, and funds flow in and out at any time ”; but MMM hasn’t made any promise or warranty.

(4) All Ponzi schemes have no risk alert: No risk alert or there is symbolic tips in tiny letters in some paragraphs of a contract of a few pages or dozens of pages; MMM has given special warning. More than half of our official website is used to disclose risks and alert all people that they are informed to read warnings and understand risks, have a sound mind and are willing to be responsible for their acts before putting a mark at the position of Risk Alert during actual operation. Moreover, MMM gives you 48-72 hours to think about and discuss with your friends and families before transfer. MMM tells you to hold your horses.

The most critical and fundamental difference: MMM tells everything honestly and openly; people transfer money to you voluntarily, are fully aware of what they’re doing and get them involved. Today, you help others- tomorrow, you will be helped.Not because that they have to. Just only because they want to do that. This is said by Mavrodi. We will repeatedly cite this paragraph of words in the Learning.

What Mavrodi means is that MMM is a people community. Participants join in it voluntary and have no obligations. You do anything absolutely consciously and it’s up to you whether to do. Everyone is informed about the possible and impossible risks fully. Your participation is voluntary. Therefore, the primary principle of MMM mode is voluntary. Any forced action going against voluntary is not MMM mode.

4)Shutting down the website results in losses: Another important reason for people believes MMM is a Ponzi scheme is that after Mavrodi passed away, the website is shut down as there is no successor and thus old Marvo can’t be returned. As a result, many people(100,000-500,000) lost tens of thousands, a few hundred thousands and even hundreds of thousands funds; so people believes MMM is a hoax. This is entirely understandable because people lose money. Then, how do we think of MMM? On the one hand, MMM is a financial mode and its legality and feasibility are indisputable; MMM has over 50 communities and has been going on for 1 to 7 years in 137 countries. Now, even if the website is shut down, former MMM managers from Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Taiwan and Philippines have created their own mutual communities successively, as many as a hundred of communities. The voice for MMM restart and revitalization rises increasingly. It’s impossible to acquire such response if MMM is a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme collapsed and wouldn’t be restarted any more. Just because MMM serves people genuinely so people are aware of its value after its website is shut down, miss it more and want to revitalize MMM! On the other hand, MMM has nothing to do with your personal opinions, your participation or nonparticipation, your participation results or your gains or losses; for example, if you loss money in stock speculation, you may think stock market as a biggest hoax full of covert deals. But this is the result of your participation and your personal opinion. Stock market is an economic phenomenon that has a history of hundreds of years and could be found in the developed countries across the world. It has nothing to do with your thought! What is a sound opinion about whether MMM is a Ponzi scheme?

Right opinion: You consider authority as truth or truth as authority?

If you believe in the authorities, the government and medias, you consider authorities as truth. But you will get at the truth when you understand MMM, know the background of Mavrodi and his characters and talents and then you are the authorities. Other people’s opinions about MMM and Mavrodi are none of your concern. The point is how do you think about MMM and Mavrodi!

As we all know, turning black into white and wrongful convictions for political persecution are common to see in history.

Under the existing political and economic system, Mavrodi can’t be rehabilitated and the evil label “Ponzi scheme” can’t be torn out any more. The point is how do you think about him. Like our MMM MMM KRYPTO Souvenir Edition, it will develop according to Mavrodi’s mode and ideas and when it is recognized by the society, it means Mavrodi is rehabilitated in fact.

In a word, MMM is a kind of thought and a financial mode. It will never disappear.

Just like that McDonalds and KFC is a franchised business model. If some of them in some countries or areas or even all over the world are closed for poor management, it doesn’t mean that the franchised business model fails.

A lot of people don’t understand and ask what’s the point to talk about MMM after all it has been closed. We have to understand that MMM is a financial mode rather than a website.

3. Rumors

1) Ponzi scheme: People say MMM is a Ponzi scheme. It’s more like a misunderstanding than rumor. Many medias intentionally mislead people and smear MMM. If the common people identify with MMM and know that the monthly returns can be up to 30%, who else will deposit their money into the bank or buy bank financial products? No one. They mislead people because MMM violates the interests of such interest groups. We’ve seen a lot of bad news about MMM through we-media. Actually we-media takes advantage of such bad news to guide the traffic or recommend their products for commercial purpose.

2) Misappropriate money: Others say Mavrodi misappropriates money. It’s naked smear, defamation and attack. Think about it. Mavrodi was very rich in 1993 and second to the President in statute. He gave up the qualification of senator and wasn’t tempered by US$ 50 billion in 1994; so he couldn’t misappropriate your small amount of money after more than 20 years later. For example, does Bill Gates do anything for money? Money means nothing to him.

In essence, MMM moves the cheese of banks and other interest groups so it’s often to see smear, defamation and attack against MMM.

As the founder of MMM, Mavrodi has devoted himself to breaking the modern financial slavery system and thus becomes the common enemy of different national governments and interest groups. Engels gave a speech at the Graveside of Karl Marx and said that though Marx may have had many opponents, he had hardly one personal enemy. European governments deported him from their territories and Marx was forced to exile to England because European politicians, economists and interest groups opposed him because of different ideologies. However, though they have different economic benefits, they respected for his character and his talents.

Let’s talk about rumors:

We won’t talk about rumors existed before he died. Let’s discuss some rumors existed after his death.

1) Death: People say that Mavrodi had 140,000 bitcoins after he died: Everyone, think about it. Bitcoin is anonymous. Even no one knows how many Bitcoins I have, not to mention Mavrodi. This actually is a clever rumor that is released by bitcoin speculator for grabbing chips and “harvesting Chinese leek”. Your riches will be harvested if you believe in their rumor.

2) Dying wish: Rumor has it that Marvos and 3M token are Mavrodi’s dying wish. All MMM members know that Mavrodi opposed Marvos according to the news published on MMM official website. Nick, a manager of MMM’s Marketing Department created 3M token in the name of Mavrodi, but it’s his personal act for gains, which violates the philosophy of MMM. Fortunately, he stops timely. But the MMM3.0 founded by him has nothing to do with MMM or Mavrodi.

3) Feign death: Another vicious rumor has it that Mavrodi faked his own death. They don’t believe and go to Moscow for verification; they are distorted mentally and suffer from paranoia; Mavrodi was open and aboveboard in his life so he couldn’t fake his death. We can’t do anything about these kind of people; there are also some people who declare that Mavrodi comes back to life. It’s even more vicious, so no normal people would believe him!

4) His brother: Rumor says that Mavrodi’s brother wants to revive MMM; actually, Mavrodi and his brother were in bad relationship because his brother didn’t agree with him; they didn’t even talk to each other usually. He didn’t show up to Mavrodi’s funeral and even wouldn’t allow Mavrodi to be buried in their family cemetery. So how could he participate in the revival of MMM? Of course, it’s understandable that these managers do this for marketing. It is silly of you to believe them.

On April 6, 2018, MMM Administrative Office announced to close its website all over the world. Afterwards, all “MMM Global” were founded by former MMM manager and had nothing to do with the original MMM Administrative Office. Former MMM managers of different countries founded dozens of and hundreds of mutual aid communities and some of them publicly announced that they were former staff of Mavrodi or the platform was originated by the staff of the original Administrative Office. Don’t believe them. At present, there are hundreds of communities overseas, including six larger communities but one has been closed down after running for less than two months. Many former MMM managers fool friends to participate but all of them suffered great losses. They are downright cheat.


MMM is a sort of thought, and a financial model. At present, there are many mutual aid communities that adopt such model. There are two objective standards to judge if a platform is MMM mutual aid platform and continues Mavrodi’s mission:

1)Whether it inherits Mavrodi’ ideolog faithfully;

2) Whether the sponsor or team hasn’t spend any money just like Mavrodi does.

Don’t participate in any MMM type mutual aid community before confirming that it meets the above standards.

Regardless of how the people see Mavrodi, see him as a cheater, genius or famous entrepreneur and of various rumors, defamation and smears, we just have to know one thing!

That is an objective fact: Mavrodi fell down at a bus station alone and wast sent to hospital by a stranger before dying on the next day. This fact allows people to know him clearly. Any people in his right mind could feel the sincerity of MMM platform based on his simple, brilliant and heroic life. In the face of the fact, various outrageous rumors, abuses, defamation, smear and attacks would eventually scotch and have no place to hide! Anyone who knows Mavrodi and with conscience considers him as an outstanding entrepreneur, a financial genius and great patriot. He was a man with noble character and of many talents. Unfortunately, he was persecuted by Yeltsin's government and thus Russia missed the chance to become the world's biggest economy! Now, Russia has been reduced to a third or fourth-rate country that only has advanced military-industry enterprise. The country has no brand in the world and it’s GDP is only US$ 1.4 trillion. It’s quite miserable.




1) Russia’s privatization, in essence, is that industry oligarchs collude with the government to rob the state-owned assets.

2) Russia’s privatization is an unprecedented disaster to the Russians: US$ 1.7 trillion of loss amount

3) Mavrodi prevented oligarchy from robbing state-owned assets so he suffered from political political persecution and got the bad name of Ponzi scheme

4) The most serious consequence of Russia's privatization was "the consortium's control over the economy and oligarchs' participation in politics, which still affects Putin’s rule".

Here are two links: The first is “First Things First”, that was released by Mavrodi in the news. He warned us solemnly not to believe any legends or rumors about him or MMM. Everything will be clear as long as you donate small amount of money and spare money into the system.

The second is “The Differences between MMM and Ponzi Scheme ” which analyzes their essential difference from seven to eight aspects. You must read this article. Only when we understand the difference between MMM and Ponzi Scheme can we feel at ease and know that MMM is an advanced financial model, the genius invention of Mavrodi. Then, we are emboldened to recommend MMM to our friends. Otherwise, you may think it as a Ponzi scheme that is bound to break down and all you think about is running away! So, you must read this article to solve your confusion!

《First Things First》

《The Differences between MMM and Ponzi Scheme》

In the modern world of justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy - there is more that we can do!

MMM makes them real! Join us - let’s change the world together! Financial enlightenment! The financial disaster is inevitable!



Lecture 2: MMM Financial Awareness

In the first lecture, we introduced the background of MMM company and the company’s brilliant achievements. Moreover, we also knew the magnificent life of Sergey Mavrodi. He was an outstanding entrepreneur, a financial genius and great patriot who suffered from political persecution and got the bad name of Ponzi scheme because he spoke out against bankers, industry oligarchs and Yeltsin's government and prevented them from robbing state-owned assets.


Mavrodi pointed out that the existing financial monetary system was the root of social inequity and the mother of an evil. Banks are the biggest vampire and we must destroy the Federal Reserve fundamentally. Why did he say that and what grounds he was based on? Under this circumstances, we shall learn relevant financial knowledge and when we understand the operating principle of the banks, it will be easier to understand the principal mode and operating mechanisms of MMM.


Section I: Bank

1.origin of money

Currency is a general equivalent, a medium of exchange, and its essence is the symbol of wealth.

The currency has a history of 5,000 years, and there are nearly 200 kinds of currencies in 213 countries and regions around the world.

1) Physical currency: Refers to physical commodity with equal value for both monetary and non-monetary purposes, such as shells, cloth, silk, salt, cattle, sheep, etc. For example, a sheep can be used as a commodity, you can either eat it, or use it as money to buy something, if its value is RMB100, you can buy RMB100 rice. Metal currency is representative, such as gold coin and silver coin.

2) Paper money: It is a legal currency, a currency symbol with no value in itself. The government legislates to force circulation and cannot convert metal currency. The sum of paper money and coins is called currency or cash.

Gold and silver currency means "actual possession" with storage value and no inflation; the legal currency represents “IOUS and promises” without storage value, which inevitably generates inflation.

2.Bank origin

The word "bank" originates from Italian Banca, and its original meaning is benches and chairs. The English translation is Bank, which means a money box for money deposit and withdrawal. In the 13th century, Venice, Genoa and other Mediterranean cities in Italy gathered merchants from all over the world due to the convenient water transportation, and became the most prosperous trade center in Europe. At that time, the currencies of different countries were not unified, and even the currency of a country was not unified, which required someone to evaluate and exchange currencies. These people sit on the bench of the harbor, waiting for people to evaluate and change money, so they are called "banker", and their business is bank. Currency exchange and custody were the earliest functions of banks.

3.The story of the British goldsmith banker

Goldsmiths are handicraftsmen who are specialized in processing gold.

In the 16th century, some of the commoners became wealthy merchants by doing business. Money at that time meant gold. For the sake of safety, they kept the money in the king's vault and paid the deposit fee. If the King wanted to fight, he would "borrow" the merchants' gold by force and he would naturally return back if he won, but if he lost? The merchants felt unsafe, so they deposited their gold to the goldsmith. The merchants entrusted the gold to the goldsmith, who issued a receipt with an exclusive mark. The merchants could collect the gold at any time according to the receipt.In the process, the goldsmiths gradually found that people would not exchange receipts for gold at the same time. And soon the merchants also found that when they needed money, they did not need to go to the goldsmith to take out the gold.The seller receives the goldsmith's note as if it were gold.

One day, the goldsmiths suddenly realized that their gold certificates were just like gold, which had the same effect of money. Then they could not resist the temptation and began to issue "fake certificates".As long as all merchants did not come to collect gold on the same day, "fake certificates" were equivalent to "real certificates".This is the origin of the "reserve system" in modern banks, and also the origin of the "money creation" mechanism. The "fake notes " of goldsmiths slowly led to a new business: lending.The goldsmith was the first lender.

The goldsmith only needed to keep a certain percentage of the gold in his vault to meet his clients' temporary exchange requirements, and the rest of the gold could be lent out for interest. No one could imagine that the goldsmiths “sneaky and self-serving behavior” would evolve into the most important innovation in monetary history -- The Partial Reserve System. This system defines the relationship between the loan-to-deposit ratio and becomes the standard to measure the risk and soundness of modern banks.

4.Loan and interest

At first the goldsmith made small profits by lending out his own gold, but later he made big profits by lending out the gold that the merchants kept with him. When the goldsmith lent his money, he didn’t give the real gold to the other side, but just gave the other side a gold slip. There were rumors that the goldsmith embezzle merchants' gold to make loans. So the merchants went to the goldsmith's vault to see what happened. They found that their gold was still there, and they were relieved. And then more merchants put their gold with the goldsmith, because the goldsmith not only did not charge the deposit fee, but also paid them interest! Since then the goldsmith became a banker.

With the development of British maritime trade, more and more people came to borrow, but the goldsmith did not have so much gold to lend. One day the goldsmith suddenly thought that no one except himself knew how much gold there was in his vault, and that he could have issued more gold certificates, even though there was not so much gold in the vault. His plan worked well and he soon became a millionaire. For a long time, people didn't know that bankers created money out of nothing. Soon there was a rumor that the goldsmith had issued more notes than the gold in the vaults! So the borrower then demanded they didn’t want the notes, but the gold itself. The big merchants also took their gold out of the vaults. So the goldsmith was exposed.When the merchants came back and retrieved the gold, the goldsmith could not bring it out, and the merchants handed the goldsmith over to the court for trial.

As the goldsmith's practice was crucial to the development of British international trade, the judge not only did not convict him, but also made the government legalize his behavior of benefiting himself at other people's cost and made the corresponding provision, that is, the reserve ratio for some deposits was 10%. Officials would raid the goldsmith's vaults to see if 10% of the gold was retained as required. In addition, a central bank was set up to send gold in emergencies to commercial banks so that they could redeem the gold receipts they issued.


Banks transformed currency into capital through deposits and loans, which was an important leap in the history of currency.

Family bank, private bank evolved into joint-stock commercial bank gradually, and completed the second leap.

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena, founded in 1472, is the oldest bank with 546 years of history and the third largest bank in Italy.

The Bank of England, founded in 1694, was the earliest joint-stock bank.

The Bank of England was the earliest central bank after its reorganization in 1844


Section Ⅱ: The Partial Reserve System

1.Deposit reserve

It refers to the funds reserved by banks and other financial institutions in the central bank to ensure that customers withdraw deposits and liquidate funds. The ratio of deposit reserve required by the central bank to its total deposit is the deposit reserve ratio.

2.The Partial Reserve System

It is the system that the Federal Reserve stipulates in legal form that commercial banks must deposit reserve with the central bank.

For example, if a customer deposits US$10 million n a commercial bank and the required reserve ratio is 10%, the commercial bank must deposit US$1 million in the central bank and can only use the remaining US$9 million for lending or other business.

3.Make money: Origin of Partial Deposit Reserve System

The Partial Reserve System has the function of money creation and is also the legal basis for banks to make profits from nothing (assuming that the deposit reservation ratio is 20%, taking banks in developing countries as an example) :

1) If A deposit RMB1,000 in ICBC, ICBC must deposit RMB200 in central bank, and ICBC lends RMB800 to B.

2) B buy clothes and swipe RMB800, the shopkeeper uses the POS machine of the Agricultural Bank of China, that is, the shopkeeper deposits RMB800 in the Agricultural Bank of China, and the Agricultural Bank lends RMB640 to C.

3) C transfers the rent of RMB640 to the landlord's Bank of China account, that is, the landlord deposits RMB640 in the Bank of China and the Bank of China lends RMB512 to D.

4) D spends RMB512 by swiping card or transferring money, and so on, that is, 1000+800+640+512+…..=RMB 5000.

Formula: Total deposit =Original deposit * The reciprocal of legal deposit reserve ratio, RMB5000 = 1000 x 1/20%

Among them, RMB1000 is the original deposit and RMB4000 is the derivative deposit.

Formula: Derivative deposit= Original deposit (The reciprocal of legal deposit reserve ratio-1), that is, RMB4000=1000(1/20%-1).

The RMB4,000 (loan) was created by banks from nothing. As long as someone borrows, the banking system can generate multiple deposit currencies.

Deposit reserve ratio originated from the United Kingdom at first, then the United States adopted it as a policy in the form of legislation. In China, a developing country, legal deposit reserve ratio system began in 1985. Compared with the major global economies, China's legal deposit reserve ratio is absolutely high. In China, a developing country, legal deposit reserve ratio began in 1985. Compared with the major global economies, China's legal deposit reserve ratio is absolutely high. Since the end of 2011, China has lowered the RMB deposit reserve ratio for financial institutions at least 13 times in a row, including overall and targeted cuts.The RMB deposit reserve ratio of large deposit financial institutions has dropped from 21.5% in November 2011 to 16% in May 2018. The RMB deposit reserve ratio of small and medium-sized deposit financial institutions has dropped from 19.5% to 14%, all of which have achieved a 5.5% reduction. For example, if you deposit RMB100 in a big bank in China, the big bank in China has handed 16 yuan to the Central Bank of China.

The central bank's regulation on the legal deposit reserve ratio was originally designed to reduce the operational risk of commercial banks and protect depositors' deposit security; later, it was gradually used as a monetary policy tool to control the credit scale and money supply.

Now the deposit reserve ratio of some developed countries is 0.

We see a short story in Mavrodi's Ideology. Nick wanted to buy Jenny's US$100 bicycle, but he only had US$10. At first, he gave Jenny the US$ dollars as deposit, then went to the bank to borrow money. It happened that the bank had no money. The bank said to Nick, you could borrow tomorrow, because the bank knew that Jenny would deposit US$10 of Nick's deposit in his bank, and second day, Nick borrowed US$10 from the bank and then gave to Jenny again,and later Jenny deposited the US$10 again in bank, and the bank borrowed the US$10 again to Nick. In fact, only Nick's original deposit was US$10 and turned 10 circles into 200 dollars. Of which US$10 were the real money, and the remaining US$190 were all debt, that is, the bank created money out of nothing. This is an example of a deposit reserve ratio of 0 (Nick turned 10 rounds into loans). The idea is that if Nick buys something big enough and turns around enough, he can turn it into tens of millions of billions.

《The Origin of Bank Deposit Reserve System》


Section Ⅲ: Bank Scam

The Partial Reserve System is the foundation of modern banks, but it is extremely deceptive and risky. Bankers are gamblers, when the economic situation is good, profits will roll in; but when the economic situation deteriorates, or the pressure is wrong, it will cause financial crisis.

We have been taught to form a good habit of saving since childhood. Children have their own bank accounts: Children's bank cards are bank cards for children under the age of 16, but no one tells us where the money comes from. It seems that this is a problem that everyone knows.

No one has taught us anything about money, because some people are afraid that we know the truth and that we know that money is a trick and a trap. What's more, scholars deliberately make economic phenomena very complicated, which ordinary people can't understand. One economist said that in all fields of economic research, the study of money is the most complex, with the purpose of hiding or avoiding the truth, rather than revealing the truth.

First of all, we should clarify three misunderstandings and misleading, and find out the truth.

1) We often say"deposit money in the bank" but this is misunderstanding and misleading.When you go to the bank and deposit money, you haven’t put it in the bank, you lend it to the bank.So the bank gives you interest. If you deposit valuables or documents in a bank custody or safe box, that is the "deposit money in the bank".

account is promise to pay, not the money itself

2) The number shown in your bank account is not the number of money you have deposited (lent to the bank), but the number that the bank promises to return to you in the future.

The money that we deposit (that we lend ) to the bank becomes the bank's money, it's not our money anymore, the bank is allowed by law to do whatever it wants with our money, including gambling, making risky investments, etc.

For example, if you deposit RMB1,000 in the bank, the reserve ratio of the bank is 16%. Then your RMB840 has been lent to the lender by the bank. Why does your bank account still show RMB1,000? This is because the bank has retained its RMB1,000 debit note in your account, which means the bank credit of RMB1,000.

(The difference between our money and the bank's credit, that is, the bank's promise to pay, is huge.) . The difference is not semantic or trivial, but crucial.

3) The words borrower and lender are also misleading.

You go to the bank to borrow RMB100,000. After signing the agreement, the bank puts RMB100,000 into your account, which seems that the bank lends you RMB100,000 : you are the borrower, the bank is the lender. In fact, the truth is that you and the bank transaction (exchange) payment commitment: you promise to repay the principal and interest due, otherwise the mortgage will be returned to the bank; the bank promises to pay you the principal according to the agreement.

It is important to remember that the banks' promise to pay is called as bank credit or checkbook money, which can be legally used as money.

To see through the bank scam, firstly we should know: Where does the money come from?

1.The vast majority of money is created by banks from nothing

As we all know, money comes from the central bank's money printing plant and the mint. That's true, but only a fraction of it comes from central banks, and the vast majority of the money is created by banks from nothing! Only 3% of the world's currency is in the form of notes and COINS, which means that 97% of the world's currency is nothing more than a number typed out of a computer screen.

2. Banks issue money in the form of debts

When the borrower goes to the bank to borrow money and signs a loan agreement with the bank, the bank will directly make money from the borrower's repayment commitments, borrow money by using his house, car and other mortgages, and then directly enter the number into the borrower's bank account, so as to make money. For example, if you borrow RMB100,000 from the bank, the bank will input RMB 100,000 into your account, and no one has deposited the RMB100,000.

In our daily life, if you borrow a hammer from your neighbor, the neighbor must have a hammer before he can lend it to you, while the bank can lend you money without money, that is, the bank lends you money that does not exist.

Irving Fisher (America's first physical economist, who turned economics into a more sophisticated science): Banks lend you not money, but a promise, a promise to provide you with money that banks do not have.

Before, we all thought that if you go to the bank to borrow money, the bank will lend you the money deposited in the bank. Now we know that the bank only lends you its payment promise, that is, to lend you the air.

Banks don't have money, they create money out of debt.

In the past, money represented value, but now it represents debt. In the current financial and monetary system: money is debt, debt is money, interest costs are debt, no debt, no money. If an individual pays off his debts, he will have more money; if the whole society pays off his debts, the whole society will have no money!

3. Banks create only the principal of debt, not the interest on debt

Bankers create money out of nothing and issue it in debt. They create only the principal part of the debt, not the interest part. That way, there will never be enough money for everyone to repay the principal and interest.

So let's assume the entire planet has one dollar, and you borrow that dollar, and you promise to pay two dollars of interest and principal. So where do you get the other dollar to pay the interest? The answer is that you have to borrow the last dollar you have, and then promise to pay it back later. Now the earth has two dollars, and you owe four dollars, and so on.The corollary is that there will never be enough money to pay the debt. Under the current financial and monetary system, there is always more debt than money to pay it back.

That is to say, the current money creation system is mathematically inadequate, and the money issued (principal) is not equal to the money demanded (principal plus interest). We are forced to play chair-grabbing games, so money is scarce, bankruptcy and competition are inevitable. For example, when you go to the bank to buy a house with a loan of RMB one million, when you sign a loan document, the bank creates money out of nothing. One million of debt goes to you, while the bank becomes a creditor of one million , and your house serves as a mortgage.

You work for the bank for 30 years, pay off the loan principal and interest of 3 million yuan, or the bank takes your house. Bankers either get your life work or your house (usually both), all of which comes from the money that banks create out of nothing and issue in the form of debt. That's why bankers ultimately control all assets.

Mavrodi asks in his mind why bankers are so rich when they don't work. And those workers and farmers who work so hard have no money? Because bankers can make money from money, debt and empty money, which is the fundamental reason why bankers are rich. This is an institutional injustice.

4. Inflation

The price of daily supplies and services will expand like a sponge as the money supply expands. The more money, the higher the price. The precise definition of inflation is the expansion of money supply, and price increases are merely its manifestation.

For example, in a small village, there are only RMB10 and 10 eggs. That egg can be sold for RMB1, and now it has RMB10 more, which has become RMB20, but there are only 10 eggs, so one egg can be sold for RMB2, which is inflation.

People usually think that inflation is a rise in prices. In fact, money has been depreciating. Every time the central bank prints money, it causes inflation. If money creation is balanced with the quantity of goods and services, there will be no inflation. Banks keep making money out of nothing to drive prices up and steal the value of our deposits.

was was equal to the current RMB 1-3 million. An item worth US$ 100 in 1913 cost US$ 2,230 in 2011. The price rose by 2130%, that is, US$ 1 has lost purchasing power of US$ 0.97. China's RMB 10,000 in the 1980s is equal to RMB 1 million to 3 million now.

The government has been pumping more money into circulation, making our people's purchasing power declining. Inflation is an insidious tax. Lenin said that inflation is the compulsory issuance of national debt. In fact, the biggest bandit in the world is the government, because inflation is robbing people's property.

1) If counterfeit money is not found in circulation, it will reduce our purchasing power, which is a kind of theft. Printing and selling counterfeit money is naturally a felony.

2) Taking a loan from banks , banks create money out of nothing, that is, create new purchasing power, which is exactly the same as counterfeit money. But this is not a theft, but rather the foundation of our monetary system. Now you can often get calls from banks to ask if there is any demand for loans. When someone comes to lend money, banks can make money out of nothing.


Why is also a coin out of thin air, is a kind of crime, the other is a kind of industry practices?

1) Banks are legal, protected by laws and monopolized; if you do not repay the principal and interest of loans, the courts will enforce you to repay.

2) Borrowers and banks are voluntary, neither of them is a victim. Where is the fraud?

3)The borrower gets the money, the buyer gets the car, and the dealer is happy.There seems to be no victim.4) Finally, these loans slowly erode our purchasing power: ultimately, ordinary people are victims.

4) Finally, these loans slowly erode our purchasing power: ultimately, ordinary people are victims.

Nowadays, house prices are so high that many people buy houses by borrowing from banks. Banks make money out of nothing, which will eventually lead to rising prices, costs and wages. So inflation will hurt everyone.

Banks have never been involved in fraud, because the banks themselves are fraudulent.

FREDERIC BASTIAL (1901-1850), a political economist in France, said: When plunder becomes the lifestyle of a group of people in society, over time, they will create a legal system for themselves to legalize it.They also create a moral code for themselves that makes predation glorious.That's why it's a crime for you to kill someone, to be shot. If you kill hundreds of people and thousands of people, you are a hero, a general and a marshal.

In addition, in order to make the currency fraud can hide the truth for a long time, bankers bribe politicians, economists, mainstream media, multinational companies and so on. Then these politicians will serve the bankers, and they will say that the banking system must be saved! And then they will increase tax revenue, cut social expenditure, including education and health care, and extend retirement age.

The government's so-called emergency relief plan, economic stimulus plan, or quantitative easing, credit easing, or monetary intervention policy mean one thing to us: that is, we have to bear more debt! Solutions to excessive debt always add new debt! Resolve old debts with new debts, and fill old ones with more new holes.

The government's money ends up in the Banks.In 2008, after the subprime mortgage crisis, the us government's 4 trillion bailout funds were allocated to financial institutions closely related to the Federal Reserve, such as JPMorgan Chase (US$391 billion), Citigroup (US$251.3 billion) and Morgan Stanley (US$204.1 billion). One in ten million people in the world owns 66% of the world's wealth.

Small secrets need to be kept secret, while big secrets need not be kept secret, as long as the public can ignore them. If you want to tell people that the bank is a fraud, nobody believes you. People will think that you are foolish. The bank is legal, it opens every day and has existed for hundreds of years. You say that the bank is a fraud. Who believes it? Therefore, we must learn financial knowledge and urgently awake people to recognize the bank fraud! We have to stop supporting banking scams, that is, stop putting money in Banks.To take back control of money, Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, said that the right to issue money should be taken from Banks and returned to the people to whom it belonged.Former Bank of England President Johnson and Sir Josiah Stamp have said something like this. It's classic that modern banks make money out of nothing. The whole process may have been the most jaw-dropping conversion of human history! Unfairness breeds banking, which is born out of sin. Bankers are the owners of the planet. Even if they take the planet away, as long as they have the right to create money and control credit, they can create enough money to buy the planet back with a big stroke. If you want to continue to be a banker's slave and at your own expense, let them continue to create money and control credit.

SIR JOSIAH STAMP is the the governor of Bank of England , Tip-off Inside story

The pyramid stands firm because of its solid foundation. The people are at the bottom of the pyramid, which is the foundation of the pyramid. Without the support of the people, the pyramid of banking fraud will collapse.

Despite the fact that banks are deceptive and unfair, they have played an important role in promoting social development by collecting idle funds, lending loans to enterprises for development and supporting the country in economic construction. Macroscopically speaking, the role of banks is indeed great, but it is of no value to us personally as civilians.

《Banking - The Biggest Scam On Earth》

《The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind-Bank》

The video reveals the biggest secret in human history. It's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet


Section IV: The Federal Reserve

Responsibilities of the central bank: Issue currency, stabilize currency value and act as the lender of last resort, i.e, bank’s bank, to promote economic development (the Federal Reserve performs the responsibilities of the central bank).

1. The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve (abbreviated as FED) was set up in December 1913 to perform the duties of the US central bank, consisting of the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Open Market Committee, the Federal Reserve Bank, about 3 thousand member banks, and three advisory committees.

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) formulates U.S. monetary policy, regulates the 'Federal Funds Rate' by buying and selling US treasury bonds in the open market, then indirectly regulates short-and long-term interest rates in America, thus affecting the American and global economy.

For example, American policy of increasing the interest rate and decreasing the balance sheet has a great effect on the world economy. Due to this, currency keeps devaluing in Argentina from South America, Turkey from Asia including Indonesia. FED is a government agency organized in the private form to perform public purposes.

The so-called federal funds rate refers to the interest rate that banks charge other banks for lending them money from their reserve balances on an overnight basis. The change of such interest rate can sensitively reflect funds balance between banks. FED can have a direct effect on the costs of funds only by targeting and regulating inter-bank offered rate, and can communicate the funds surplus and deficiency information to industrial and commercial enterprises, which in turn influence consumption, investment and national economy.

FED is a government agency organized in the private form to perform public purposes. FED is a privately owned bank, all of whose shares are privately owned.

2.Independence of the Federal Reserve

FED exercises its powers independently and its decisions need not be approved by US president or the Congress. FED is overseen by Congress. Independence is its core characteristics. Traditionally, US president wouldn’t make any comments on FED’s policy of raising or decreasing the interest rate. But Trump is an exception. He breaks the tradition and publicly expresses dissatisfaction against FED’s policy of raising the interest. But FED is independent so it raises the interest rate all the same. In order to keep the value of dollars stable, FED’s independence is not subject to the influence of the government or the US president. Money supply is increased or decreased according to the needs of economic development and then why does FED’s policy of raising or decreasing the interest have so much impact on the world economy? So, we have to understand dollar hegemony, first of all, should understand the Bretton Woods system.

3. The Bretton Woods system

At the end of the World War II in July 1944, the representatives from 44 countries participating in the preparation of the United Nations held a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, to discuss about the postwar economic recovery at which the financial hegemony of the United States was established. After the conference, the parties signed a “Bretton Woods Agreement” and thus the Bretton Woods system, i.e., a new international monetary system was born.

The Bretton Woods system established the status of dollars(also known as U.S. dollar. At that time, the United States controlled 80% of the world gold reserves in the 1940s) as a central currency in the international monetary system and thus dollar became the “equivalent” of gold, for example, an ounce of gold is equal to US$35. American government was responsible for exchanging U.S. dollar for gold at official price. Then, U.S. Dollar, as the single pricing exchange rate, became the world currency.

After the world war II, the United States became the world power, a world police who exhausted all resources to build up its military power in the world. Especially in the Korean War and Vietnam War, the United States consumed a lot of gold reserve. Only 20% gold reserves were left.

In 1971, Nixon declared to abolish the Bretton Woods system and severed the link between dollars and the gold. As a result, dollar became colorful paper that could be printed freely.

Marvodi said in “Ideology” that the whole financial world was a pyramid!

How is the financial world organized? It is a pyramid and at the top is the Federal Reserve who is responsible for printing money and could print dollar as much as they want! Then the dollar become colorful wrap papers of candy!

Regardless of the face value of the dollar, the printing cost of each dollar is US$ 0.91.

Since the financial crisis erupted in the United States in 2008, FED has printed US$ 3.925 trillion, including US$ 700 billion in 2008.

In 2008, China, as a developing country, printed RMB 4 trillion.

At present, the total money supply in China is US$ 160 trillion, accounting for 1/3 of the total amount of currency in the world; someone estimates that this amount will be up to US$ 200 trillion in 2019; and US$ 300 trillion in 2023. Fortunately, the printed amount reduces along with China’s regulation.

4. Issuance of U.S. Dollar

1) Deficit budget of the United States government (public program, social welfare, war, etc.), congressional approval.

2) Treasury Department issues treasury bonds by auction and hands the dollars acquired as a result thereof over to U.S. Government.

3) 19 tier 1 securities firms (Big Banks and Sovereign Fund) approved by the Treasury Department are obligated to offer a price in the auction to buy U.S. treasury securities.

4) The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) regulates the 'Federal Funds Rate' by buying and selling US treasury bonds in the open market. By virtue of FOMC open market operation (reverse repo), tier 1 securities firms sell treasury bonds to FED to make a profit.

5) FED purchases treasury bonds from tier 1 securities firms with rubber check (mint) .

6) Then, tier 1 securities firms buy treasury bonds from the U.S. Treasury Department in the auction with FED’s empty promise.

7) Tier 1 securities firms sell treasury bonds to FED to make a profit and then FED gives these rubber checks to them (minting again).

8) American people pay personal income tax to Internal Revenue Service (IRS). IRS gives the tax amount to the Treasury Department which will use the tax amount to pay the principle and interests of treasury bonds. the Federal Reserve can make rubber checks to buy back treasury bonds from tier 1 securities firms. In the past, there was no personal income tax. At the same year of the establishment of FED, US amended the constitution and permitted to collect personal income tax. But most of the tax revenues in US are not spent on schools, roads or public services but in paying the interests of bonds that were bought on the FED's bonds purchased from banks. But the FED doesn't have a penny in its account. It's cheating.


U.S. Treasury Department uses treasury bonds as mortgage and the Federal Reserve issues the dollar. We have to know that the dollar is debt currency that must use the treasury bonds as mortgage. Every dollar in circulation is a IOU, each generating interests for debt every day and the interests mounts up. All of these astronomical interests revenues are belong to the private bank systems that creates the dollar. FED turns over 94% of profits to U.S Treasury Department and the remaining 6% of profits are used to pay dividends of member banks.

In today's world, money is debt, debt is money, and interest fees are also debt. [The monetary system is an beautifully decorated system of slavery]. There are still two questions the government has yet to answer:

1) If the government could create the money required by the means of interest free, why would the government borrow these money from private banks and bear the interests? That is to say the U.S. government is able to issue the dollar by himself so why does the government use treasury bonds as mortgage and let FED, a private bank to issue dollar?

2) Why is money created in the form of debt? Why do we create money that can be circulated permanently?

Money=debt; debt=slavery; money=slavery=invisible golden handcuff

U.S. Dollar is debt currency and so does our RMB. At present, it has the component of “debt currency”. It is half-debt currency. So, let’s take a look at authoritative reports.

According to the latest quarterly report of IIF, as of the fourth quarter in 2017, the total global debt is up to US$ 237 trillion, an increase of US$ 70 trillion from ten years ago. The debt amount increases by US$ 20 trillion in 2017. Now, the total debt amount of developed countries accounts for 382% of GDP; in the countries of emerging markets, this ratio is also up to 210%. the total debt amount of the United States is nearly US$ 60 trillion and the total amount of foreign debts is US$ 21 trillion.

As money means debt, there would be no debt when there is no money. No debt, no money. So many local governments in China own money.

《The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind--Bank》

《The Biggest Secret and Scam in the History of Mankind--the Federal Reserve》


5. Petrodollar

The Bretton Woods system was abolished in 1971 and the link between dollars and the gold was severed. Afterwards, the dollar was issued relying on the credit of the United States other than the gold. So the credit of the dollar was impaired. America carried huge debts, once the debt crisis broke out, the dollar would suffer from a great depreciation and be sold off. Kissinger, was an very provident American politician, at that time, he said that “The credit of the dollar would be greatly strengthened if the dollar was tied to petroleum”. He visited Saudi Arabia and successfully persuaded Saudi Arabia to define the dollar as the only settlement currency for oil exportation. As the oil exportation amount of Saudi Arabia accounted for more than 50% of the whole world, so any country that wanted to import petroleum shall reserve the dollar first. As petroleum was traded throughout the world, petrodollar would be the global hard currency and all countries are proud of dollar reserves. Then, excessive amount of dollars were issued at that time to repay the debt and import commodities from other countries.

U.S. dollar is debt currency while petrodollar is the foundation of U.S. debts, especially the alternative carrier after the dollar is decoupled from the gold. “No dollar, no petroleum”. Over the last four decades, all petroleum importing and exporting countries have operated according to this principle: America can purchase petroleum by printing money while other petroleum importing and exporting countries must pay the exchange rate fee to get the dollars. Reserve dollars first for using petroleum and thus all countries have to export commodities to America at a low price. On the contrast, America could get best goods in the world at a low price.

Take America among the developed countries and China among the developing countries as an example

With regards to Chinese commodities, you can buy them at a cheaper price in America. Products made in China are very popular with Americans, such as clothes, appliances and articles for daily use. 60% commodities are made in China and very cheap. For a same cloth, you can buy it with US$ 10, but you have to pay RMB 200 to buy it in China.

The price of most commodities in America (absolute price) is lower than that in China. It’s pretty eye-popping to see the big gap of price between some products. There exists an absurd phenomenon in China: The more commodities China exports, the more foreign currency they will earn but the common people live more tired. China exports commodities to foreign countries and then lends the dollars acquired to America, and thus additional RMB are left on the domestic market, becoming “waste papers” that have no commodities as the base. As such additionally issued waste papers are in circulation with the existing currencies, it will certainly lead to substantial devaluation of currencies and surge in prices of commodities. In contrast, in America, currencies in the market flow to China while Chinese commodities flow into the American market. Due to reduction of currencies in the market and increase of commodities, the price of commodities will decline consequentially and Americans could buy more commodities with their money.

Here is the explanation:

1. China implements foreign exchange control. For example, if an enterprise exports US$ 100 million commodities and earns US$100 million, the enterprise shall sell the US$100 million to the government at the official price. If the exchange rate is 8.6, US$100 million could be exchanged to RMB 86 million that is created by national banks. Only by taping the keyboard, RMB 86 million could be created! However, because commodities are in the American market rather than Chinese market, inflation occurs. Therefore, the more commodities exported, the more serious of inflation would be. That’s the way it is.

2. why has China lent the dollars acquired to America? Because if the government deposits the dollars in China or other banks, it will get no or less interests. Relatively, using the dollars to purchase U.S. treasury bonds which have good credits and negotiability will not only generate higher earnings, but also is a way to show good to the U.S. government. In consideration of the relationship between China and American with regards to the politics and economy, China buys many U.S. treasury bonds, and has more than US$ trillion at preset. Russia has a difficult relationship with America, so Russian government sells off dollars and the amount of treasury bonds decreases from hundreds of billions to tens of billions. Now, Russia only has billions of U.S. treasury bonds. On the other hand, possessing so many U.S. treasury bonds can be a way to restrain America. For example, if American government has any bad move, Chinese government only has to sell off U.S. treasury bonds as a warning.


Section V: Movement of FED Abolition

1. The Federal Reserve Act

President Woodrow Wilson signed the "Federal Reserve Act" on December 23, 1913. The Act authorized FED to perform the duties of the central bank, issue currency and set interest rates. Based on the constitutional idea of decentralization and checks and balances, FED exercised its rights independently, and the president and any government department had no right to interfere.

The essence and crucial point of this Act were that a private organization had the right to issue currency and formulate monetary policy independently, the government could not control FED, and that the government got loans from private banks by taking treasury bonds as a guarantee and repaid principal and interest.

"As long as I can control the currency issue of a country, I don't care who makes the law." -- Mayor Anselm Rothschild, the founder of Rothschild Bank Kingdom

America is divided into 12 reserve zones, each of which has a Federal Reserve Bank branch. FED New York Bank, which represents the interest of Wall Street financial capital, has the biggest impact on FED. In fact, US politics, diplomacy, military and economy are entirely subject to private financial capital, which we call "shadow government".

2. Abolition movement

For two hundred years, the Americans have been fighting to get rid of the control and enslavement of international financial oligarchs:

1) Thomas Jefferson (Third President of the United States, chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence):

I believe that the banking system poses a greater threat to our freedom than the military. If Americans allow private banks to arbitrarily control the issuance of their currency, the banks will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake up and find themselves homeless in the land their ancestors conquered.

2) President Lincoln issued "green currency" on the basis of national credit: He was assassinated and then the "green currency" was abolished.

The government should establish all the money and credit needed to satisfy the government's consumption power and consumers’ purchasing power. In this way, money will be easy to control and become a faithful servant of mankind.

3) President Kennedy issued silver vouchers based on America's silver reserves: He was assassinated and then silver vouchers were abolished.

4) Just after the Federal Reserve Act came into effect, Senator Louis Macfadden pointed out that the World Bank system was being established, superpowers controlled by international bankers would enslave the world at will, and that FED had been usurped. He revealed that the Great Depression of 1929 was caused by humans. Soon after, he was poisoned in his office. Previously, he had survived two assassinations.

As stated earlier, FREDERIC BASTIAL (1901-1850), a political economist in France, said: When plunder becomes the lifestyle of a group of people in society, over time, they will create a legal system for themselves to legalize it.They also create a moral code for themselves that makes predation glorious. Likewise, in fact, the Federal Reserve is the biggest plunderer who legalizes the behavior of plunder and creates the Federal Reserve Act. It is like that our common people don’t understand why the U.S. government borrows the dollars from FED by taking treasury bonds as a mortgage and repays the principal and interests, and even the politicians don’t understand.

5) "I have never found anyone who can justify federal government borrowing money from itself with logic and reasoning. I believe that one day people will demand a change in status quo." -- Wright Patman, a Democrat and Chairman of the Banking and Monetary Committee of House of Representatives, in 20 years of which he consistently proposed the abolition of FED. But his proposal hasn’t been approved because the Senate and the House of Representatives are controlled by the agent of financial oligarchy. Likewise, that’s why our country’s proposal that officials shall disclose their property can’t approved because delegates of National People's Congress are rich and they don’t want to disclose their money.

6) Protests demanding "abolition of FED" broke out from time to time outside the headquarters of FED and the Federal Reserve Bank branches.

Movement of "Abolition of FED" spread all over the world. Nearly 100,000 people from more than 100 cities held a week-long demonstration in cities such as Berlin in 2014 calling for the abolition of FED and opposing the establishment of "World Government, New World Order".

On September 17, 2011, thousands of demonstrators gathered in Manhattan, New York, who tried occupying Wall Street. The march and protest movement "Occupying Wall Street" on October 8, 2011 was becoming increasingly fierce and influential in America, affecting thousands of American cities. Their political demands were clear: changing America's unfair and irrational political and economic systems.

All people, from American president to representatives, from common Americans to people of the world require to abolish FED. Mavrodi said that abolition of FED was in line with the public opinion and the historical development trend.

《America Is Not a Country》

《World Conspiratorial Clique Theory》




1. Currencies are signs of wealth. Currency of gold and silver=actual ownership; legal currency = IOU +promise

2. Banks create money out of nothing. It’s a legal monopolistic scam

3. The Federal Reserve is a private organization under the control of financial oligarchy that enslaves the world

4. Petrodollars are the foundation of American financial hegemony and world supremacy.

In the modern world of justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy - there is more that we can do!

MMM makes them real! Join us - let’s change the world together! Financial enlightenment! The financial disaster is inevitable!



Lecture 3: MMM’s Ideology

In the Lecture 2, we have learned about relevant financial knowledge and understood that the existing financial monetary system is unfair, is the root of mass poverty and has to be destroyed from a theoretical perspective. You borrow money from the bank and the bank creates money out of nothing as much as you want. Only by taping the keyboard, the money was created! But if we want to make a check, we must have sufficient money in our account. Otherwise, it will be rubbish check, which is criminal. Banks make rubbish check, big check and don’t tosuffer from any punishment. Even worse, they are under monopoly protection. This is same to all banks in the world.


By virtue of the monopoly protection of the law, banks have enslaved the common people for hundreds of years by bribing politicians, scholars and mainstream medias.

The central bank prints money freely and banks make money out of nothing, thus causing inflation and decreasing the purchasing power of currency. They loot wealth of the people on the sneak.

The dollar is debt currency and every dollar is born with interest. America colonizes every country in the world with dollar based on its political, military and financial hegemony. That is to say, the U.S.is losing dollars to the rest of the world by importing high quality commodities from other countries at a low price, and recovering the dollars by means of auction of treasury bonds, increasing the interest and reducing the balance sheet, thus completing the global circulation of the dollars. Various countries have to reserve the dollars first to get petroleum so they are forced to export high-quality commodities to America at a extremely low price, which results in a surge of price of commodities in their own countries. This unfair global economic mode has already been staged for almost 50 years!

FED is a private organization in essence but it has the right to issue world currency and is not controlled by U.S. government. International financial oligarchy and monopoly groups take FED as a tool to control and enslave people all over the world.

All people, from American president to representatives, from common Americans to people of the world require to abolish FED.

Confronted with the bank scam, inflation and currency colony from the U.S., what should the people all over the world do? Is there any effective solution? Well, let’s get down to Lecture 3: MMM’s Ideology.

Pascal, a French mathematician and philosopher says "All human dignity lies in thoughts". MMM’s ideology is the motivation driving Mavrod to establish MMM, the strategic program and guiding star for MMM global development.

MMM thought is extensive and profound. Understanding it requires a lot of time and the power of understanding. It’s not difficult to understand MMM’s ideology roughly as long as you think about whether the following are facts based on your own life experience and social reality. After all, social existence determines social consciousness. Mavrodi’s thoughts also are from social practice.

Section I: Real Life

1. Unfair reality: Money talks

As Mavrodi said, money talks in today’s world. A small number of people are made of money but most people are poorly off. This is unfair and inhuman!

The world’s wealth are in the hand of the minority (216 families in the world account for a half of the world’s wealth)

The minority sit idle but enjoy the fruits; people who works hard have no money while people who doesn’t work are rich.

The great majority of people make a living begrudgingly and some of them even work in small coal mines, suffering from silicosis. There are so many social inequities in addition to wealth inequlities. The truth behind the world’s wealth is the essence of alliance of officials and merchants, corruption, lies and plunder.

2. Insensitive

As stated in Mavrodi’s Ideology, everybody has been used to see the unfair status. They become insensitive and turn a blind eye to it. How pathetic!

3.Consequence from age and infirmity

Mavrodi said that most people lived on their slender pension and their later life was bleak and worthless; they have little food to eat and dress in rags. After your energy, time and health are exhausted, you will be abandoned like trash. Laid-off workers sit in in front of the government.

4. Pass on from generation to generation

Mavrodi said that we have been taught that “Money is the measure of labor force ” since we were children. However, the reality is that most people spend their years in poverty even though they work hard! So are our children and grandchildren.

An organization in the United States carries out an investigation against 600 people from elementary to 60 years old. Most people are like their parents because a family has a great influence on children's development.


Section II: Financial enlightenment

1. A downright lie

Mavrodi said that we were surrounded by downright lies, and newspapers, TV and news broadcast are spreading lies and rumors all the time.

All news broadcasts are government’s mouthpieces that spread news selectively. This is true in all countries and of all ages.

1) Europe, especially Western Europe experienced its darkest period in middle Ages. Such darkness was not about massacre but on the imprisonment of the mind. The Church told people that the earth was the centre of the universe and the key to open the gate of heavens was in the hand of the Pope.

2) When Donald Trump run for the presidency, American mainstream society attacked him; this was pointed out by Mavrodi in the section of news.

3) Mavrodi didn’t read newspapers or watch TV in three years: The real things in the world always unpleasant but a lie is always beautiful, beautiful and generous”. Truth is the only enemy to totalitarian and lies. It is the most powerful weapon. It’s very dangerous to reveal the truth and Mavrodi once suffered from political persecution.

2. Money is invisible handcuffs

Through the study of knowledge related to finance, we know that money is debt, debt is slavery and slavery is equal to handcuff.

1) On the face of it, you are free. But in fact, you are a slave of money with invisible handcuffs for centuries. Except that the chains are money now. Money means everything, like foods, clothes, house and travel. You can’t do anything without money. A man without money is no man at all! Wealth is a tool to realize freedom.

2) Some media reports that government leaders leads officials to fight floods and provide disaster relief and requires villagers to participate. But the villagers refuse and want a reward of RMB 200 per day for the work. Government officials have no choice but to pay them.

3.The world is a pyramid of finance

The Central Bank prints money freely and the Federal Reserve is on the top of the pyramid.

1) Over the 95 years from 1913 to 2008, the Federal Reserve only printed US$750 billion; in 1971, the Bretton Woods system was abolished and the link between dollars and the gold was severed. As a result, the dollar became colorful papers that could be printed freely. After financial crisis outburst in 2008, America printed US$700 billion within 2 months.

2) America had US$ 21 trillion of foreign debt. Theoretically speaking, America could pay it off in one night as long as it printed money. But he wouldn’t and he used waste papers to buy commodities from all over the world.

4. Banks make money with money, debt and out of nothing;

1) Partial deposit reserve system: Monopoly and legality; people sweat and shed blood to make money but banks create money out of nothing. That’s so awkward! This phenomenon is a consequence of the unfair financial system.

2) Banks’ loan debt: After 10 rounds, RMB 10 changes to RMB 200, including RMB 10 and RMB 190 debts.

5. The financial system makes us modern slaves;

1) Under the unfair financial system, people can’t work with integrity and sincerity and are in no mood for work.

2) If you buy a house with a bank loan, you become a real slave of the banks. You have no choice but to work for banks in vain or they will take your house;

6. The existing unfair system must be destroyed;

FED is a private organization in essence but it has the right to issue world currency and is out of the control of the U.S. government. International financial oligarchy and monopoly groups take FED as a tool to control and enslave people all over the world.

《The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind--Bank》



Section III: Changing Methods

1. Awaken early;

1) There is a short video on the Warning page of MMM official website. Place some fleas in a transparent glass jar, cover the gar for three days. After jumping and struggling in the jar for three days, fleas won’t jump out of the jar even if you open the cover. So do their descendants. They could jump no higher than the jar mouth. (they get accustomed to the slavery so they lose the power of resistance) Legend has it that an elephant is tied to a tree with thin iron chain when it is still a baby. The baby elephant instinctively tries with all its might to break the chain. It finally gives up and stops struggling. Later, when the elephant is fully grown, it is tied to a small tree with a thick chain. Actually, it is strong enough to root out a big tree, not to mention a small tree. But it has been accustomed to the slavery life, so he losses the meaning and motivation to resistance.

2) We have to think things independently and awaken early to see through all lies: For example, leaders of various countries lead the common people to make revolution to knock down those capitalists and financiers. But, today, these big capitalists and financiers become glorious people’s deputies and national heroes. It’s confusing who’s right or wrong;

Severity; now, it’s so common to see social moral declination, even loss of conscience, environmental pollution and various nasty phenomenon. For these phenomenons, we shall think independently and see the difference between today’s society and the capitalist society described in the “Capital” by Marx;

We shall learn financial knowledge, see bank scams and stop supporting banks.

2. To understand MMM, first of all, we have to understand what is MMM?

1) MMM is an informal network

MMM is a loose and trans-original network originated from civilians and has millions of and tens of millions of participants: The global mutual aid community of 250 million participants from 137 countries. MMM is the bank of people all over the world, financial social network and an informal network voluntarily originated by tens of millions of people across the region with the purpose to resist the financial slavery system, decide to declare a war to FED and other banks and win the war!

2)MMM is designed for common people who deposit slender income into banks rather than for oligarch and the billionaire. Nobody cares about the common people. They could only rely on their own. Join in MMM and attract new participants. The more participants we have, the stronger we will become and the faster we could achieve an ideal target to establish a fair world!

3) Voluntary participation in MMM

Mavrodi said MMM was an additional chance for you to deposit loose changes in addition banks and it’s up to you to join in or not; if you join in MMM, you can enjoy advanced tool and participate in the distribution of social wealth just like capitalists and banker and have the chance to share the cake of bankers.

MMM is a platform where people help each other with spare money voluntarily. The participants transfer money, acting of their own free will. Voluntariness is the first principle of MMM. There aren’t any obligations. You do everything voluntarily and any forced acts in breach of the the principle of voluntariness don’t conform to Mavrodi’s real intention and the MMM mode. It’s up to you to participate or not. It’s your choice and there is no right or wrong. You may come or not as you wish. It’s an act of your own free will.

4)Trickles make the mighty ocean

Mavrodi said that in order to overcome FED and banks, the common people integrated a little money and spare money together. Everyone has very little money and small amount. It doesn’t matter! Millions of people participant in MMM, forming a mighty force that increases every day and is unbeatable! Participate in and experience MMM withUS$ 10 to expand the base; The seas embraces many rivers to attain greatness.

5)MMM is an ideological liberation movement of destroying FED

FED is at the top of the pyramid of world and under the control of international financial oligarchy and monopoly groups. It enslaves the American people and people all over the world arbitrarily. All people, from American president to representatives, from common Americans to people of the world require to abolish FED.

Mavrodi said that banks were the servants of FED and vampires who have drained our blood and continued to drain the blood of our descendants unless we destroy them fundamentally today!

The financial disaster of "financial enlightenment" is inevitable! We can only be saved by financial revolution! We have no choice! We are the common people and we select freedom and don’t want to be slave! Now is your opportunity to fight for freedom. With the advent of MMM, financial enlightenment is inevitable! It’s just a matter of time! The seeds of freedom have been sowed, take root and sprout! It grows sturdily and never goes to die!

A famous poet: You are master of your own destiny, the captain of your soul. Your life, your choice.

《Introduction to MMM Mutual Aid Fund 》

《Reaction to The Conspiracy of the Rich》



Section IV: Ideal Mode

1. Solve the problems

Recognizing a problem and solving a problem are two different things: 1000 years ago, malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease and until a thousand years later, we invented quinoline, a special drug that could cure malaria fundamentally; now, the common people suffer from high house prices, complain a lot but couldn’t do anything. Justin Yifu Lin, Vice President of the World Bank points out as long as no people deposit money to banks for 3 months in a row and withdraw their money from the banks, the house price will definitely fall because banks have no money to lend to real estate companies and thus the cash flow is interrupted. Then the house price will fall definitely. The prescription provided by Justin Yifu Lin is the true prescription to solve the problem of high house price. But it can’t be implemented. People will not follow without leader.

But, MMM is a simple and effective method to solve the problem of social inequality. You deposit RMB 100 to RMB 200, or RMB 1,000 to RMB 2,000 in the bank, then, now you can deposit the money into MMM. It’s just changing a place to deposit your money. Mavrodi says that people exchange currencies on the MMM platform. They don’t need to do anything. Only by depositing money and exchanging currencies naturally, you could earn money continuously. MMM is not just a theory or a good prescription but is the only real tool to change the world. MMM is nonviolent revolution that is to solve a variety of social conflicts and contradictions with rational, civilized and scientific methods rather than violence.

2. Public money box

Mavrodi said the reason why did people deposit money into the bank was that they had no choice, because banks were monopoly organizations.

Since the advert of MMM, you have a new choice! MMM is your bank. In MMM, people help each other. Today you have helped — tomorrow you will be helped! This is the point of the system. Do you want to lend your hard-earned money to the bank and become the next slave or deposit your money into MMM to help those who need help - - victims of a natural calamity, the disabled, the aged, mothers who have a group of children and neighbors who care for you! Please give them a hand! Mavrodi creates MMM not for the money, but for helping those who need help and the disadvantaged groups.

3. Take out money when you need

Participants take out money when needed and only take out the part they need. You deposit RMB 2,000 in the bank. You withdraw RMB 500 when you need RMB 500 and the remaining RMB1,500 is still put in the bank. However, if no one withdraws money, the deposited money couldn’t be put into the community and this may affect the community running and thus no interest generates when the funds are due.

4. Confidence in the future

In fact, people don’t need much money. It is important that you are AWARE of having it! The most important thing for everyone is having confidence in the future. MMM can give you the confidence, the sense of trust and partnership. MMM is hefty boon for the needy!

1) Participate in MMM with RMB 100, then you will get RMB 23,000; a helpless old man participates in MMM with RMB1,000, then RMB 300 covers the living costs; there is no need to worry about later life;

2) After recovery, the key lies in whether MMM could run continuously, instead of whether you could withdraw money to your account; how do you get help if the platform doesn’t exist?Some scholars have pointed out that our country don’t need any houses but requires hopes, progressive ideas and people who are eager for justice and pursue the freedom. Mavrodi said that MMM united people with justice, kindness and freedom to challenge the monopolistic financial system so MMM is a global ideological liberation movement.

5. Change the world

MMM is a global mutual aid fund which gathers tens of millions of people from all over the world. It is designed to establish a new fair world and make everyone feel happy and achieve success.

MMM creates a new world where everything is more clear, bright, fair and sincere, people work for pleasure, serve the society and everyone lives very well and enjoys their life; communism.

Joining in MMM mutual aid community makes people be good, friendly and ready to help others; people participate in MMM for making money initially, and as they know more and more about Mavrodi’s ideology and the MMM community and acquire more economic income, money will not be their main motivation to participate in MMM; Marx’s grave: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it". Today, MMM is a banner to change the world; tomorrow, it will become the common faith of all mankind!



Section V: The Power of Thoughts

At this point or before, some of you might ask why are we still talking about the ideology and social meaning of MMM when the website of MMM Global has been closed, Mavrodi’s dead and financial enlightenment has failed? What’s the point? Is it an empty talk?

That’s a good question! Many people may have similar thoughts more or less.

1. Beyond the time and space

As we all know, every thought grasps the essence of things, conforms to the trend of history and goes beyond the natural and historical limitation. Mavrodi’s ideas and thoughts are beyond the space and time and it doesn’t matter whether he is alive or dead. For example, Marx has passed away for more than 100 years but we still regard Marxism thought as guiding ideology in the socialist construction; leaders of five religious have passed away for over two thousands of years, their thoughts are still our guiding ideology. Likewise, Marxism thoughts are immortal. Closure of MMM Global website exactly reveals the failure of financial enlightenment, rather than the failure of his thought, MMM mode and financial enlightenment and financial education. In fact, financial enlightenment and financial education are very successful. If there is no MMM, how many of you know that you are modern financial slave with invisible handcuffs? How many of you know that the root of social unfairness is the existing unfair financial system represented by FED? Without MMM, would you get to Bitcoin in 2015 or 2016? The voice for MMM restart and revitalization rises increasingly. Former MMM managers from Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Taiwan and Philippines have created their own mutual communities successively. Our MMM KRYPTO is the first real MMM type mutual aid community that carries Mavrodi’s flag and inherits Mavrodi’s ideas and thoughts. All of these MMM-type mutual aids are the great achievements of Mavrodi financial enlightenment and concrete expression of successful financial enlightenment.

2. Powerful strength

But from another perspective, it’s just because MMM Global website has been shut down, we shall carefully study Mavrodi’s thoughts and draw great strength to revive MMM.

Thoughts are very powerful and could determine and affect the life and world. There are two types of “power of thoughts”. One is the free thoughts of the minority, for which some people are destined to sacrifice their life in a certain period to defend; another class of thoughts refers to that most ignoramuses are brainwashed and controlled uniformly. Ignorance is strength

Mavrodi’s thoughts belong to the former. He defines his thoughts throughout his life; but we belong to the latter. We are blinded by lies and controlled by ignorance because all countries in the world and in history implement obscurantist policy, making it easier to rule people.

MMM KRYPTO is the faithful inheritor of MMM’s ideology. Our Learning aims to help everyone see through what they saw by studying Mavrodi’s thoughts, awaken as many people that are blinded and fooled as possible, that is to awaken those sleepy ones in the dark room, as the great said.

Looking back upon human history, every great changes are inseparable from the direction of power of thoughts. Every civilization advance of mankind is the result from promotion of the thoughts of power. European Renaissance of the 14th–17th centuries, the Protestant Reformation happened in the 16th century and the Movement of Enlightenment happened from the 17th and 18th centuries use thoughts as weapon and awaken all people that are blinded and fooled with science, democracy and freedom.

3. MMM movement

MMM is a global movement of financial enlightenment, the financial enlightenment that all people around the world can participate equally which aims to establish a more fair, honest and virtuous new society. MMM’s social meaning and influence on future human history can be mentioned in the same breath with European Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation and Movement of Enlightenment. We cannot praise Mavrodi for his thoughts too much.


MMM KRYPTO is inheriting MMM, prompting and spreading Mavrodi‘s thoughts and ideas and many similar communities will emerge in the future; many true followers of Mavrodi have established hundreds of similar communities regardless of the size (surely there may exist fraud). All of these are fruitful achievements of financial enlightenment of Mavrodi and financial enlightenment. In the future, communities from different countries that inherit Mavrodi‘s ideas and thoughts shall unite together to actively promote MMM and let Mavrodi’s great flag burn around the world.

We kindly ask all participants of MMM KRYPTO to carefully read MMM’s ideology again and again, understand them and try to be a firm MMM believer, researcher, communicator and practitioner.

《All Human Dignity Lies in Thoughts》

《MMM -the Road to Global Communism》

In the modern world of justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy - there is more that we can do!

MMM makes them real! Join us - let’s change the world together! Financial enlightenment! The financial disaster is inevitable!



What is the main content of Mavrodi’s thoughts

Mavrodi’s thoughts are the soul and guideline of MMM and are summarized as follows:

1) Money talks in today’s world. Only A small number of people are made of money but most people are poorly off. This is unfair and inhuman! Everybody has been used to see the unfair status. They become insensitive and turn a blind eye to it. How pathetic!

2) We have been taught that “Money is the measure of labor force ” since we were children. However, the reality is that most people spend their years in poverty even though they work hard! So are our children and grandchildren. All newspapers and TV sing merits and praise virtues all the day; good rules in the Constitution are encouraging and inspiring! Indeed, you have the right to work and vote but you’re work for your boss; if you have no money, who will vote you? Can common people and financial barons be on an equal footing? Never believer such shameless lies!

3) If money is the measure of labor force, you’re already rich! Actually, money are shackles! We are all slaves of money. We still live in a slave society. Like we did thousands of years ago. Except that the shackles are invisible. You’re a free man but you are not free. Without money, freedom is just an illusion! Everyone can't live without money! Without money, you can’t even do anything!

We make money through work. Working hard is necessary but we shall work voluntarily instead of working to survive; all people should work. It’s unfair that some people work hard to earn money while the others sit idle and enjoy the fruits of others' work. Money are just papers with characters that are rewards of masters. Masters pay wages to salves with money. If a slaver gets a few more sheets of papers, he would be glad because he believes that he gets a rise. Believe or not, this is today’s reality, our reality!

4)The whole financial world is a pyramid and at its top is the FED, which seeks nothing but profits and prints money in any quantity and when they want to. Below the top of the pyramid, there are central banks of every country, and various local banks. Banks are like blood vessels of our social organization. The central bank is the heart while money are just like blood that flow to various organs through the blood vessel to feed the organs

5) Bankers have always got something from nothing and both economists and financiers are lying to us!

Nick wants to buy the RMB 100 bicycle from Jack. After making a down payment of RMB 10, he goes to a bank to lend RMB 90. The bank doesn’t have RMB 90 at that moment and tells him to come tomorrow. On the second day, Jack deposits the RMB 10 acquired from Nick into the bank and the bank lends RMB10 to Nick. Then, Nick gives the RMB 10 to Jack, Jack deposits the RMB 10 into the bank, then the bank lends the money to Nick, and so on... until Nick borrows the money required to buy a bicycle!

After several rounds, Nick’s RMB 10 changes to RMB 200, composed of RMB190 of debt and RMB 10 real money. RMB10 will be changed into more money if the cycle continues. If Nick buys more and more expensive things, the original RMB 10 will be changed to tens of thousands.

Now, we finally understand why are bankers so rich: Bankers could not only make money with money and debts, but also even could create money. Theoretically, everyone can make money in this way but only banks are allowed by the law to do so.

6) Nick carries debt for buying the bicycle and becomes a slave to the banks unless he pays off the loan RMB 90. Actually, the RMB 90 doesn’t exist. It is created by bankers out of nothing: By blowing a breath, RMB10 is changed to RMB200. of course, the bank also owns Jack RMB 100 and has to paid off the loan. But the bank doesn’t worry about the repayment because it has thousands of depositors just like Nick who won’t withdraw money at the same time. If Nick A comes to borrow or withdraw money, the bank allows Nick A to withdraw the money deposited by Jack A, Jack B or Jack C. In fact, the bank’s debts are virtual and never need to repay unless panicky runs occur. Start the printer and everything is settled!

Nick must pay off the debts and interests on schedule and sometimes has to pay the debts with the new ones. As a slave to banks, he has no choice but to work all the time until his death. If he fails to pay off the debt, his son and grandson have to pay the debts for him and thus his descendants become the salves to the future. To be exact, they become the slaves to the global financial system!

7) Banks, as servants to the FED, are indifferent to people’s lives, suck the blood of the whole society under the cloak of serving people. After our blood are sucked dry, they will continue to suck the blood of our descendants unless we fundamentally destroy them today! The existing financial system is full of iniquities and generates an inhumane system. So we must destroy it!

The above is the financial enlightenment! Only when we understand these principles, we have the chance to break the shackles and save ourselves from the slavery systems that has been survived for thousands of years! Only in this way can we burn FED, the banks and monetary system and cannibalistic old society with raging flames and thus establish a new society!

Financial enlightenment is the only way to save us! We refuse to be slavers and we choose freedom! With the advent of MMM, financial enlightenment is inevitable! It’s just a matter of time!

MMM is a global mutual aid community, the bank of people all over the world and an informal network voluntarily originated by tens of millions of people across the region with the purpose to resist the financial slavery system, decide to declare a war to FED and other banks and win the war! To achieve the ambitious goal, the common people integrates a little money and spare money together, forming a mighty force that increases every day and is unbeatable!

Common people deposit their slender money into the bank because they have no choice ! Now, here is a new chance for people who likes to deposit money: MMM is created for the common people. In MMM, people help each other. Today you have helped — tomorrow you will be helped! This is the point of the system. You could lend your hard-earned money to the bank and become the next slave or deposit your money into MMM to help those who need help.

In fact, people don’t need much money. It is important that you have confidence in the future. MMM can give you such confidence! MMM is a brand new, more bright and clear society full of honesty and justice and free from money, slaves or owners; in MMM, everyone enjoys the pleasure of working and serve the interest of the society.

In the modern world of justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy - there is more that we can do!

MMM makes them real! Join us - let’s change the world together! Financial enlightenment! The financial disaster is inevitable!



Lecture 4: MMM Mechanism Model

Last time we studied MMM’s ideology together.

Great thoughts are beyond the space and time and are the most precious spiritual wealth of mankind; Thoughts are very powerful and could determine and affect the life and world.

Every great change is inseparable from the direction of power of thoughts. Every civilization advance of mankind is the result from promotion of the thoughts of power.

MMM’s ideology is the motivation driving Mavrod to establish MMM, the strategic program and guiding star for MMM global development.

Mavrodi nails the lie of traditional obscurantist policy of financial industry, reveals that the root of mass poverty and misery is the existing unfair financial monetary system represented by FED and indicates that “financial enlightenment is inevitable" . He establishes MMM financial mutual aid community, which breaks the monopoly of financial oligarchy, achieves inclusive finance and brings an opportunity and hope for people at the bottom of the society to change their fate. MMM purifies the society and restores the honesty and kindness!

MMM’s ideology is our strong spirit weapon through which we can draw great strength, and see the things what Mavrodi saw and thus strengthen the confidence and beliefs that MMM can make it.

MMM is a global movement of financial enlightenment and can be comparable to European Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation and Movement of Enlightenment. All human dignity lies in thoughts.


Section I: Introduction to MMM

Sergey Mavrodi was a Member of Russian Parliament, Duma member, well-known entrepreneur, financier, mathematician, thinker, writer, programming engineer, and Sambo wrestling master. He loves writing novels and poems. Over 300 literary works were sold well in bookstores, his poems were written into songs; two plays were made into films. MMM Financial Pyramid and River have been produced based on him.

In 1989, he set up “MMM” Cooperative together with partners;

On October 20, 1992, established the Financial Institution of MMM Joint Stock Company;

Founded the MMM-2011 Global Financial Mutual Assistance Community in February 2011 and changed it to MMM Global Mutual Aid Fund in the following year.

Up to 2018, global mutual aid funds had reached US$500 billion, with more than 250 million participants, covering 137 countries and regions.

MMM operates similar to banks, insurance companies and pension fund companies.


We can understand MMM from the following four aspects:

1. MMM is a public mutual aid network platform

1) Participants on the platform transfer money between each other directly;

2) The platform facilitates the contacts between participants and formulates relevant rules;

2. MMM is not any economical entity

1) MMM isn’t a company: There are neither industrial and commercial registration, office location nor business activities;

2) MMM isn’t business: No intermediaries, no contracts, no mortgage, no promises or guarantees;

3) MMM isn’t any investments: There are no investments in any substantial or virtual projects and no income from investment;

4) MMM isn’t a pyramid scheme: MMM doesn’t sell or consume any products or services or require you to recommend referral.

3. MMM is a system operator

Mavrodi points out that “MMM system plays the role of operator, responsible for coordinating the operation of all participants in the system”.

1) There are countless people in the world who are willing to provide help for free;

2) There are more people who need help; such as some poor people, people with serious illness or people who have difficulties temporarily;

3) MMM only directly connect the donors and the receivers so that they can take what they need respectively;

4) Except these, there is nothing more in MMM. Nothing more! Emptiness!

4. MMM is made up of all participants

1) Behaviors of all participants decide the development trend and path of MMM. No one could control or prevent development direction and the course of history of MMM.

2) Mavrodi is the founder of MMM rather than MMM’s owner. He is the chief architect of MMM who shows us the way.

3) The principals of Technology Department, Audit Department, Customer-service Department and various communities around the world aren’t belong to MMM and only provide corresponding service for MMM. But there are nothing more her! Nothing more.

“Introduction to MMM Global Mutual Aid Fund”

Mavrodi passed away on March 26, 2018, MMM website was shut down as there was no successor and for fear of profaning their philosophies. Shutting down MMM is to declare to the world that we are a honest platform and is wise. According to the present situation, after MMM is shut down, many former MMM managers are running a scam in the name of MMM and under the banner of Mavrodi, so closing management office is a wise decision.

“ Analysis of MMM Global Shutdown”



Section II: Legality of MMM

1. MMM is not a subject of any legal relations

MMM is not an enterprise or company. There are neither investments nor business!. MMM is a community, where people help each other: Mavrodi said that: “ In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. Participants help each other and directly transfer money based on the principle of gratuitousness and reciprocity without any reasons. That’s all! There's nothing more” Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.

2. No central account

No central or credit accounts.

3. No business activities

There are no business activities, no investment or consultation service; neither business registration nor social organization registration is required.

4.Voluntary private remittance

Participants voluntarily share financial resources and transfer money between each other privately: MMM is a social network, where people are willing to help each other voluntarily

Giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either country at the legislative level; Absence of legal prohibition means feasible.

5. No legal relation

There is no legal relations between MMM and participants, and so the MMM Community cannot be illegal.

Participants popularize MMM community in their own name and specific promotion activities include online promotion by means of letter of happiness and thanksgiving videos or family gathering or special activities

Mavrodi learned a lesson from twice imprisonments so he paid special attention to the legality when redesigning MMM: MMM completely complies with various countries’ laws and regulations.

“MMM Risk Analysis from a Legal Point of View”



Section III: MMM's Duality

Somebody says I don’t care what MMM is, it’s good as long as I could make money through it. Also others says that I like Mavrodi’s ideology and the mode of MMM, and I am willing to help others and find pleasure in helping others. Meanwhile, I could get help when I need.

Why do different people see the same MMM differently and have different motivations to join in MMM?

Finance is the highest form of economic operation. MMM is a brilliant pearl of finance and shine from different angles.

(1)MMM history

Have you been looking for a method to let you be the master of your life, time and money? Here, I’ll introduce the best profit model on the Internet to you, i.e, the MMM financial mutual aid community with a maximum monthly return of 30%. No banks could be comparable to it!

(2)Official website of MMM

MMM is a people community, where people help each other for free. It is a global mutual aid fund. MMM is designed not for money but is to destroy the world’s unfair financial system. financial enlightenment! Read our IDEOLOGY before you join!

MMM helps millions of participants around the world. All transferred money to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. That is to say your participation in MMM means that you are willing to provide help voluntarily.

(3)Important things come first in MMM

Don’t believe any information related to MMM or me found on the internet! Never believe! Try it for yourself and provide a small amount of money into the system and thus everything will be clear. MMM is a mutual aid fund and participation in MMM means donation.


1. Finance: Investment platform, internal token trading platform (Mavro)

1) Marvo increases by 1% per day automatically: 22.3 times increases every year

2) No need to find the next match. The platform has found him for you

3) No contract and no intermediaries

4)No promises or guarantees; participants are at their own risk

Bonus system and direct sales mode; MMM is a way to start a business


[Sources of risk]

1)Model risk: Less deposits and large withdrawals will result in flow disconnection and restart.

2) Government intervention, rumors from media, discrediting and attack, moving the cheese of interest groups. As the MMM has 30% returns, no one deposits money into the bank or buys bank financial products

3) Contingency: Mavrodi’s death and similar black swan event

4) Participants’ behavior (the biggest risk): MMM is made up of all participants and its development trend and road completely depend on the behavior of all participants. MMM will go far when all participants are honest, participate in MMM with spare money continuously and are not involved in venture and rumors.

2. Ideology: Mutual aid platform (a platform where strangers donate money to each other )

1) Mavrodi establishes MMM not for money. He is already rich and money means nothing to him. He establishes MMM to change the world; money is the tool to accomplish a goal but not the goal itself; take an event happened in the developing country -- China for example: The Communist Party overthrows the local despots and distributes land. But this is not its purpose. It’s purpose lies in seizing power and liberating a new China while overthrowing the local despots and distributing land is just a means to unite peasants.

2) MMM was revived in 2011 and then defined as the global mutual aid fund in the second year; it defines participants as the donors who participant in MMM voluntarily; All transferred money to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. This is a consensus in MMM community. Everything is very simple: Participating it or not is up to you. MMM’s participants are common investors who are different from the investors of other financial institutions because all MMM’s participants share a same goal. They hold together for warmth, participate in MMM with small money to create a continuous flow of cash on the MMM platform naturally and distribute and return the money to yourself.

3) To accomplish the common goal, participants arm themselves with MMM’s thoughts and are willing to make contribution to the community.

Mavrodi says that people are willing to provide help to you and they are fully aware of what they’re doing and get involved. You help others first and then you will be helped! It’s not because they have to, but because they want to.

In other words, you participate in MMM and transfer money to others voluntarily but it’s uncertain that whether the others are willing to provide help to you, when and what amount of help they provide. For this, Mavrodi can’t control it and doesn’t know because they provide help based on their own will and are not obligated to donate money to you. It’s just like that you have no obligations to donate money to others and no one forces you to donate. From the perspective of ideas, your participation in MMM is risk-free because this is a donation platform. For example, when victims of a natural calamity have difficulties and you want to help them, what are the risks? How much money can you transfer and when to transfer the money are dependent on your ability, your willingness and your benevolence.


[Risk-free]: Ideological point of view

Christian choir:Go to church for decades regardless of the weather, sing bible songs without any income and make donations from time to time.

European christian and preachers go to preach in African jungle in spite of diseases, various difficulties, threats and even death. They believe that serving the god and preaching the gospel to the poor are the most meaningful thing in their life. This is the belief!


4) Marvo = Credits


From the financial point of view, Marvo is the subject matter of your investment. Marvo increases automatically through your purchase and sales and you could get returns through selling the Marvos.

(1)Mavro is just a scoring unit within the MMM community to measure the contribution of participants.

(2)Total amount of Marvos is the maximum limit of help a participant can require.

(3)The monthly increase rate is up to 30% but not currencies or any form of debts or financial assets. Marvos can’t be used to purchase products or service.

(4)For the sake of the stable development of the community, the number and growth rate of Marvos and the mode of community operation can be adjusted and changed at any time. This is also the centralization disadvantage of the old MMM mode.

Old Marvos are calculated at 10% (gold and sliver, diamond) before February 8, 2017; and afterwards, at 30%. Now, MMM website is shut down and thousands of, hundreds of thousands of and even millions of old Marvos ruined. Everyone feel upset. In fact, those old Marvos are not property, and it’s just a symbol. For example, your family wants to construct a family temple, everyone chip in and then your family successfully build the temple. Then, you will erect a stone tablet which specifies the donors and their amount of donation. However, the temple is destroyed or washed away by flood and the stone tablet is gone or broken. MMM shutdown is just like the temple that has been washed away by flood or destroyed by war and thus old Marvos are gone just like names and numbers on the stone tablet. Till today, there are still somebody asking when old Marvos can be recovered and there are many mutual aid communities that attract people under the banner of recovering old Marvos. All of these are manifestation that they don’t understand old Marvos. In short, Marvo is a number on the donation list. It’s not money and only records that how much money you donate to the construction of family temple while the money has been donated.


3.The relation between MMM’s ideology and financial characteristics

1) The financial characteristics are the foundation of the community (animality is the basic nature of people): Attract people to participate with the financial characteristics, create the value of natural cash flow and share the big cake of bankers so as to promote the financial enlightenment.

People are utilitarian. if there is no benefit, who will participate in MMM? Just like that no political revolution could gather the power of so many people without returns because people don’t know what is a revolution. They only know that they can benefit from the revolution. Such is the human nature. Mavrodi once said that: the greed of human nature is a sort of inexhaustible social energy from which MMM gets constant power for sustainable development. We can say that MMM itself is an ecosystem.

2) MMM’s ideology is the essence of MMM

(Sociality is our human nature, we judge a man not by his appearance, his strength but based on his contribution to the country, the nation, the society and mankind): MMM’s ideology points out the root of social inequality and awaken people to unite together to fight against the modern slavery system, destroy the FED and establish a fair, justicial new society full of integrity and kindness.


Of course, it’s difficult to make participants reach to the ideological level expected by Mavrodi but what the difference between MMM and other thousands of different projects on the Internet if MMM community doesn’t have any ideology as guide? Definitely, making money is an important reason why we participate and continue to participate in MMM but the identification to and pursuit of MMM’s ideology can be the eternal power for us to stick to MMM. Especially now, MMM website has been closed and our faith collapses. So we have to draw infinite power from Mavrodi’s ideology, continue with the financial enlightenment and revive MMM. Some people might think that I don’t know investment, not to mention Mavrodi’s thoughts. That’s understandable and it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the investment or the thoughts, but at least you know to sing different songs on different mountains.

MMM’s conventions: Voluntary donations: Sing different songs on different mountains: Now, we are on the mountain of MMM so we have to sing the song of MMM; but what is it? It’s Mavrodi’s ideology. Everybody knows that do in Rome as Rome does. Everyone understands.

(1) Thank yourself for your vision, courage and being open to new things that help you make money.

(2) After restart, with regards to a stack of old Marvos, think of it as a donation to Mavrodi’s cause of financial enlightenment. Everything you do is voluntary. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Sing the song of MMM when standing at the mountain of MMM.

”Understanding of MMM’s Core Concept”



Section IV: Where Does the Monthly Return of 30% Come From?

1.Finance: 30% interest, return on investment

From the perspective of finance: 30% of interest, i.e., the returns of investment, is much higher compared with banks. But it’s not a common interest. It means you give up the investment chance, for instance purchasing the Bitcoin; and you may face the risk of restart and pause; your relatives, friends and even your wife, children and parents don’t understand you and may scold you; you could also be wronged. If you’re shopkeeper and purchase RMB 100 goods and then sell them at RMB 130 in a month, do you thing that you have got a higher return?

2. From the perspective of ideology: 30% of returns are from gratuitous help of the community and voluntary donation of participants

Why does Mavrodi define MMM as a donation platform?

1) It is well known that investment belongs to business activities that require a license and official permission; Mavrodi can’t get the license and by defining MMM as a donation platform, government regulation can be bypassed;

2) Investment always involves risk. If an legal agreement is signed between you and the investment, there will be many potential legal disputes and trubles: To avoid legal trubles, Mavrodi defines participation in MMM as a donation act. Your participation in MMM means your donation.

3) Defining MMM as a donation platform is a result of the helpless of reality but also reveals Mavrodi’s wisdom

4) Community consensus: Gratuitous help. We must understand that participation = donation. It's a community consensus. Everything is very simple: Participate when you identify with it; otherwise don’t participate. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Sing the song of MMM when standing at the mountain of MMM. Our Learning is designed to make everyone get full understanding of MMM and the donation platform. After you understand MMM, participating it or not is up to you! So no participant misunderstands MMM just like before and thinks that he is fooled.

3. Macro perspective: 30% comes from the circulation, the time difference between investment and withdrawal and the realization of time value of currency.

1) Traditional political economics (Marxist Political Economics) believes that: No value is generated by circulation and exchange. For example: You wholesale 50kg of beef and then you retail them. During the process no value increase occurs. However, the western economics believe that circulation creates value that at least accounts for 2/3 of the commodity value. For instance, a woodcutter has a violin while a musician has an axe; they exchange them. Through circulation, the woodcutter could cut wood with axe and the musician can play beautiful melody.

The reason why Bitcoin is so popular is global circulation, which means it can be exchanged to dollars and other legal currency. There are also many single machine coin that can only be circulated on their platform and is of no use regardless of the price rise. Because its price will fall immediately once it enters the exchange.

2) MMM cycle theory: Mavrodi explains MMM from the perspective of circulation as a circulation system of point-to-point direct currency exchange. Through providing help and getting help, participants create natural cash flow value, save the credit value costs and intermediary costs during the circulation and repay them to themselves. We don’t need to do anything except exchanging money through which we could make the money naturally and thus we will be no longer subject to the control and exploitation of banks and other financial institutions.


Intermediary costs: It’s easy to understand. When you need to rent a house, you have to find a real estate agent and pay the agency fee; you also need to pay agency fee when you look for a work and want to be a nanny.

Cost of trust: For example, you run a company and hope that your friends help you sell products or courses, your friends won’t recommend your products to others unless they identify with you and have a good relationship with you because his recommendation means that he is willing to be your guarantor. He is your best friend or a comrade-in-arms or grew up together with you. You two have been friends for decades and the trust has been established over the several decades of years. Mavrodi is very prestigious and successful so people believe him. He has established credit so there is no costs of trust. In MMM, participants help each other, sending each other money directly and without intermediaries. In this way, intermediary costs and costs of trust are saved and cash flow value created naturally can be returned to you

Why could MMM create 30% of returns? Compared with commercial banks, MMM doesn’t need to build office buildings, pay huge employee costs, deposit reserves and taxes or conduct marketing activities. All of these are completed by the participants themselves. Moreover, MMM has losses caused by large amount of bad debts. Therefore, for realized value of a large amount of currency time created by the participants, MMM will return them to all participants in the form of interests and bonus.

Banks conduct cash flow business and take advantage of the time difference. If you deposit RMB100,000 at a bank in the morning. In the afternoon, two people each draw RMB50,000 from the bank. The bank pays these two people the principal and interest with your RMB100,000. As everyday someone deposits money into the bank but they won’t withdraw money at the same time, banks take advantage of this time difference. So does MMM! Providing help is similar to deposit while getting help is equal to withdrawing money. We’ve talked about that economists deliberately complicate economic phenomenon when studying financial knowledge, especially monetary phenomenon, with the purpose to cover up and escape from the truth, rather than revealing the truth.

This means that whoever comes to the bank to draw money at any time, the principal and interest he draws are from other people's deposits.

Mavrodi understands the essence of currency circulation clearly. In his opinion, all participants shall unit together to circulate their currency to make money on the MMM platform, instead of letting financial oligarchy enjoy the benefits alone. In MMM, all you have to do is exchanging currency for making money and sharing the big cake of financial oligarchy. This is the golden road that Mavrodi points to the common people, i.e., huddling together for warmth. We can create our money by exchanging currencies in the MMM platform. MMM has a great impact on the earnings of banks so it becomes the common enemy of banks and other interest groups, so it is inevitable for them to attack and smear MMM and spread rumors about MMM. It’s understandable because after all MMM moves their cheese and cakes.


[Time difference] Popular version. There is a folk saying: Ten pots but only eight lids

You have ten pots but only eight lids. When you cook meals with these ten pots at the same time, meals in two pots can’t be well-cooked without lids. If you don’t cook meal with the pots one by one and cover the pot with the lid unused. In this way, you could cook a delicious meal and every pot has a lid.

That’s not too bad. Sometimes, we may see the situation of six or three to four lids for ten pots. The less the number of pot lids, the higher the financial leverage. For example, if the deposit-reserve ratio of big national banks is 16%, it means there are only 1.6 lids for ten pots. In small and medium banks, there only 1.4 lids for ten pots. However, they could run continuously even though they have less resources because they have legal protection and credits. What about MMM? Minimum 18.8 lids and maximum 42 lids are available for ten pots.


[Cash flow value:Value realization of currency time]

1) Example: A son asks his father, a banker”

Son: If all the money in the bank belong to the depositor, how do the banks make money?

Banker Father: There is a piece of fat meat in the refrigerator. Go to take it. His son does as he asks.

Banker Father: “Put it back” . The son is quite confused.

Banker Father: “Look at your finger”. “oil”. His son understands in a flash.

2) Example: A son asks his father, a property magnate

The son asks his father: “if we use our money without restriction, when will they be run out”

Father: “Our money is enough for three generations ”

Son: “Then, how many generations are required to pay off the money we lend from banks ”

Father: “At least six generations”

As you know, a land agent purchases a plot of land through his connection to the government, then uses the land as a collateral to borrow money from the bank. After getting the loan, he starts construction, lays the foundation and stops construction. Then he starts to pre-selling the house and the construction will be stopped until they receive the house payment amount. Then, they start construction again and repay the bank load. In fact, they have no money and all land agents take advantage of the time difference. Now, the property magnate has a hard time and due to huge debts, he has to sell his property including the land and houses to repay the debt.

3) Example: Large E-commerce platform, Amazon

Amazon platform can realize trillions of sales amount every year, billions per day; this amount can be up to hundreds of billions of dollars on the shopping festival. When a user purchases items on the Amazon platform, their money will be firstly transferred to the account of Amazon and to the merchant a few days later. That is to say Amazon could enjoy the interest of the money paid by the user for free and spend tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars for free.

“The Time Value of Money”

“Theory on Mutual Aid Cycle of MMM”

“Where Does the Monthly Return of 30% Come From?”

“Review on 30% Monthly Return of MMM from the Perspective of Banks’ Secretes of Making Money”



Section V: Operating Conditions

MMM is the only system in the world that requires participants to have a full understanding of the operating mechanisms and relevant risks.

1. Inflow is greater than the outflow

1) This can be guaranteed by referrals; increase of number of people and geometric growth; the number of participants increases slowly but this will not affect the system’s ability to pay more interests.

2) It’s not important how much a participant invest and the point is the behaviors of all participants. It’s same to the platform whether you provide help amount of RMB 100, RMB1,000 or RMB10,000 because the increase rate is same, i.e., 30%. but the act of withdrawal of funds is fatal.

2. Don’t be panic

1) By virtue of staggered time of withdrawal, MMM could operate indefinitely; however, if all participants withdraw money centrally, the system would stop running on the next day because the amount provided is not enough to pay the amount withdrawn.

2) There are many reasons for panic and most of panic situation is caused by the lies of media and provocative act; malicious slander of trouble-maker and fake platform.

Panic is fatal to all financial institutions. So is MMM.

The root cause of restart is panic, while the root of panic lies in rumors that are spread by people with ulterior motives. The panic won’t happen as long as most members don’t believe in or spread the rumors.

In order to put end to panic fundamentally, participants must understand MMM’s ideology, study relevant financial knowledge and know MMM’s principles, mechanisms and participation risks. If you are believer of MMM and its belief, you will not be influenced by rumors and thus no panic occurs

The above are main objectives of MMM KRYPTO Learning. Screen out people who don’t identify with MMM’s ideology and trouble-makers so as to eliminate various potential panic factors. After the Learning, you should participate in MMM after you have understood everything; or leave decidedly!

“Why Do You Fear in the MMM KRYPTO”



Section VI: Operating Mechanism

Mavrodi points out that MMM is the fairest and most transparent system.

All institutions have risks! There are no guarantees and promises in MMM! Participants might not get their corresponding Marvos because force majeure may happen at any time. Moreover, the quantity and categories of Marvos may change under extreme conditions. Participants may be affected by the system protection mechanism including “Suspend Mode” and “Restart”.

We have described all existing and predictable risks in details honestly. This is a major advantage of the MMM system, which confirms all sincerity and the maximum transparency of the system. All participants shall understand all possible risks before join in the system. When in doubt, you can’t participate. No cheating! Only honest! This is very important! Only in this way can participants get comprehensive and correct information. If he doesn’t want to join, he wouldn’t do that. All participants participant in our community voluntarily and have had an full understanding of the operating mechanism of MMM, rules of participation and risks in participation.

Mavrodi says that MMM is the most open, transparent and sincere system. It’s jut like an opened book without hiding anything. The operating mechanisms of MMM include restart, pause and bonus burns. Today, we’ll talk about the system restart.

1. System restart

Restart is a sensitive, confusing and unpleasant topic. Participants are even shaking on hearing about restart. Ignorant people thinks that restart is the fatal defect of MMM and needs reforming. It is widely believed that even though MMM has better concepts, it also has poor control mode, many vulnerabilities and thinks that it’s unreliable to reply on members’ consciousness and therefore MMM is restarted frequently. They think in this way because they don’t understand MMM mode or the restart.


So, we shall understand restart comprehensively and deeply from the following four aspects:

1) Firstly, restart is the biggest risk of MMM; there are no guarantees and promises. You provide help to others on your own will. With regards to whether the other is willing to provide help to you and when to provide, Mavrodi can’t control and no one can’t control.

Mavrodi says the system must be restarted because of panic, no investment funds, too many requests of withdrawal, and failure to pay principal and interest.

On December 25, 2015, MMM announced to restart MMM for the first time in China. All principals and interests as well as bonus would be frozen before December 25 and became old Marvos (ends the big circulation of the previous cycle ). New round of big cycle would start on December 26. After the new cycle runs steadily, old Marvos would be released.

In case of restart, people would kick up a row and even believed that the platform was dishonest and Mavrodi was misappropriating money. However, if he created MMM for money, it was a piece of cake for him. As well know, Mavrodi was very rich in 1993 and refused the request of financial oligarchy to acquire his company by US$ 50 billion. So, he created MMM community not for money and everything he did were for the benefit of participants and the community. Don’t doubt about his decision. The system was only restarted when there was nothing could be done.

2) Restart is the internal self-protection and self-renewal mechanism of MMM; with this mechanism, MMM could operate successfully all the time.

In ancient Egypt, there is a legend about the secular bird, named Bennu (Phoenix) that can live for 500 years. Every time after it lives for 500 years and before dying, it will collect tree branches of aromatic plants and vanilla to build a nest, then burns itself with roaring flames and rises from the ashes, and so on, achieving an eternal life.

Some people don’t understand and thinks restart as crash, which means it won’t recovered anymore, for instance some fake platforms close down website and abscond after misappropriating money. This is crash. However, restart of MMM is actually a cycle to realize an eternal life, similar to Phoenix’s rising from the ashes.

In face, restart is not something to fear. The scary thing is that you use critical funds, believe in rumors after restart, spread negative emotions and even defame the platform.

If you are a boss of an entity, in case of lagging sales, will you seek favor, make advertisements and do your utmost to open up an outlet or say bad things about your products to drive away customers? There is no doubt. In a sense, old Marvos are your products that are unsalable for the time being. As long as your products are recognized by more people on the market, they can be sold. When the system is restarted, you could choose to wait and see.

Don’t spread negative emotion, defame the platform or affect others’ sales operation. Actually, the others have sold your overstocked goods by the way! You can’t release 5% of old Marvos to MMM at random until the others provide help. If you participate in sales and we work together, it will be faster to release old Marvos!

Looking at all projects on the Internet, is there any project that has been recovered through startup? Only MMM. Over the past seven years, MMM has experienced multiple restart but it’s still charming. Even though i’s website has been closed off. There are many mutual aid community in the name of MMM because MMM is the only mutual aid platform with ideology and soul up to now. Restart is the medallion of MMM. Restart and successful restart is the only objective criteria to judge if the community is the MMM mutual aid mode. A best platform can be restarted frequently and successfully.

3) Restart is the best risk education for participants.

Different participants have different operation modes as they have different understandings of the MMM, participation motivation and psychology. However, the critical factor to normal system operation is the behavior of all participants!


Mavrodi understands human nature thoroughly. He attracts and motivates participants by high returns, guides participants by ideas, infects and influences them with goodness in them. When it is impossible to regulate, constraint and discipline participants with rules, for the long-term development of the community and great cause of MMM, Mavrodi cannot but restarts MMM and even repeatedly restarts the system to educate, teach and reform participants until most participants become qualified and even excellent participants.

(1) Restart may lock many big-money speculator(nearly hundred millions and even tens of millions) to discipline institutional investors so as to make the society more fair;

(2) Restart is to protect all participants; as long as you participate with spare money, old Marvos would be released after restart. MMM releases Marvos from small amount. So it will firstly release your Marvos because you participate with spare money. Release of Marvos of those big-money institution will be put off.

4) How to avoid restart

Mavrodi Points out that “the system is you and you are the system”. MMM is made up of all participants and its development trend and road completely depend on the behavior of all participants. No one could control or prevent development direction and the course of history of MMM.

How to participate in MMM properly is something that every participant must think about. After all, the behavior of all participants determine the future of MMM community. Mavrodi says participants will never feel panic if they participant with spare money. If no panic, restart cannot occur.


In theory, we can guarantee that no restart of MMM occurs.

1) MMM is a virtual bank. As long as most members believe in MMM just like they trust big banks: Deposit spare money if any, take out the money when needed and deposit your money on the platform to produce interest when you will not use the money for the time being.

2)Repaying the principal and interests within 15 days could remove platform bubble:Take out the interest and invest the principal. This is a benign linear growth model. According to relevant mathematical model, experts believe that under such model, restart will not occur within 5 years

Now we know that restart is the internal self-renewal mechanism of MMM and the final self-protection mechanism of the platform. No restart, no MMM. Restart is a miracle to MMM, its biggest advantage and classic interpretation of Mavrodi's ingenuity and great love. Many participants consider restart as MMM’s weakness. In fact, it’s not MMM that needs to change. It’s participant because we are the system and all the problems lie in the participants themselves. This is the root cause why we select participants so carefully. In the past, anyone can participate in MMM. But MMM Global changes this rule. Only people who accept and identify with MMM and his thoughts and ideas could participate. You all have a lot of questions but you shall ask yourself a question first: Are you a qualified participant and follower of Mavrodi? If you, you’re qualified. If not, don’t participate . (pause and burning mechanism will be talked late ).



Section VII: Participation Principle

Mavrodi said that uncontrollable conditions of MMM may happen at any time. To avoid an adverse impact on you, you are commended to participate with non-critical funds. Don’t invest funds that have been planned for other purposes or sell property. Participate with idle funds. Help others if you have spare money. Don’t provide large amount of help. Better yet: Regularly provide small amount of help.


In the past, people didn’t understand MMM and were intentionally or otherwise misled:

1) Some participants provide help with loan; at that time, we were ignorant and took him as a model. Now in retrospect, I feel I'm so ridiculous.

2) Some participants are so greedy that they deceive their family and mortgage the real estate (RMB2.5 million ) but restart happens.

There are also some participants who use critical funds which become hundreds of thousands and millions of old Marvos. Because they know nothing about MMM, some of them believes MMM is a fraud. Old members believe that new participants are easy to cheat because they even don’t know what MMM is.

“Participants Share Their Experience in MMM”


There are mainly two participation principles of MMM:

1.Participate with non-critical funds.

As you know, panic may occur at any time and many force majeure events may happen without any reasons.

1) Participation with spare money is our best and the only self-protection mean. Money is your investment principle when it is in your hand, but will become donation out of control once you transfer them.

2) Continuous participation with spare money is the only correct participation method.

3) The so-called non-critical funds or spare money refer to a small amount of money that has no influence on you and your family’s normal life even though they are lost.

4) Determination of non-critical funds is not only dependent on the amount. You also shall confirm if you are at ease. For example, if you provide help amount of RMB 100 or RMB200 and you worry about restart all the time, RMB100 to RMB 200 is not spare money. On the contrary, you feel at ease when you provide RMB10,000 to RMB20,000 even though restart and you don’t care whether restart happens. Then, RMB10,000 to RMB20,000 si spare money for you.

“Why Does MMM Community Advocate Participation with Non-critical Funds”


2. One person, one account

MMM’s principle is “one person, one account”

1) This is critical for the community to maintain vitality and realize sustainable development.

2) People don’t understand before. They operate with multiple accounts, like 3 to 5 accounts, even dozens of accounts. People in the front won’t add any request while people in the back add large amount of request. They take out bonus through multiple accounts which violates the philosophy of community of providing help with integrity; they deceive the community, participants and finally themselves.

3) MMM has its revenue model so it can detect multiple account. Once you are suspected of multiple accounts, you are required to provide various bills and ID card. If multiple accounts are confirmed, excessive accounts will be closed and only account is remained. Moreover, MMM only repays the principle to you but the interests and principal you earned will be cleared. Multiple-account operation is prohibited and definitely will be closed if found and as a result you will suffer from sanctions. Refer to the system for details.

“Rules for Participation in MMM”


3. Understanding of providing help and getting help correctly

Provide help = add request; get help=withdraw principle, interests and bonus


Mavrodi creates MMM not for the money, but for destroying the existing unfair financial system and building a fair, equitable, honest and kind new society. Mavrodi believes that:

1) MMM participants can create value of natural cash flow through mutual aid act, i.e, provide help and get help;

2) Through MMM platform, all participants can control and re-distribute their excessive wealth to the society according to their needs.

3) At the same time, participants can cross-apply the money in mutual aid circulation to achieve their dreams according to their own needs. He called on us to contribute as much money as we can to the community on the premise of eating our fill and wear warm clothes.

Simply speaking, Mavrodi believes that you provide help is to distribute your spare money to the society so as to help those who need help.


In Mavrodi’s opinion, the precise meaning of getting help includes the following three aspects:

1) Firstly, participants shall allocate critical funds required to satisfy your and your family’s basic needs, such as daily expense, paying rent and house loan, children’s education, medical care of the aged, etc.

2) After allocation of critical funds, participate in MMM mutual aid community with spare money that you won’t be used in the next six months to a year, that is to re-allocate your surplus wealth to the society according to your needs;

3) The purpose of such requirements is to create natural cash flow value with other participants and make contributions to the whole society and help those who need help with spare money in your power.

The major premise for providing help properly is to understand financial enlightenment and the working principle of MMM and believe that MMM is a good chance to narrow the gap between the common people and the rich. MMM is the cash flow tool of the common people.

For example: A person who has RMB 100,000 has to handle affair in the next month. To complete the thing well, he wants to invest the RMB100,000 with the aim to withdraw RMB130,000 next month. Then, let’s see if his action of providing help amount of RMB 100,000 meets Mavrodi’s intention of providing help. Firstly, RMB 100,000 is just small change to a rich man but it is a large amount of money to common people . secondly, this sum of money has been allocated for handling affairs. So how could he use it to provide help? Thirdly, his purpose is to earn RMB 30,000 with RMB100,000 rather than to create the cash flow value with other participants. Think about it. If he participates with the RMB100,000 which is the critical funds, in case of restart, his family’s life will be affected. In this case, he will blame the platform, be resentful and even attack the platform, thus resulting in panic. It’s not just about you. If you use the critical funds, others may be affected, spreading the emotion of panic. If the RMB100,000 is not critical funds, at least your life will not be affected. It’s no big deal and you can handle the affair later.


In Mavrodi's eyes, the precise meaning of getting help is as follows:

1)Firstly, participants take out spare money from the mutual aid system when needed;

2)Secondly, they only draw the money they need as they usually do from banks;

3) The rest of the money they don't need continues to circulate in the mutual aid system, create cash flow value, and help those in need.

After reserving critical funds to meet living needs, we are unlikely to use the surplus money circulated to help others in the mutual aid system at the same time. In this way, the surplus money can naturally help those in need. In other words, participants have the opportunity to cross-apply the money circulated in the mutual aid system, that is to say come to take out money when needed.

How do we understand "Surplus wealth being able to be regenerated, circulated and infinitely cycled in MMM Mutual Aid System”?

“Mavrodi’s Understanding of Providing Help and Getting Help”


Section VIII: FAQ

1. Is MMM a Ponzi scheme

We have talked about this question in the first lecture. Let’s repeat it. As MMM can’t be inseparable from Ponzi scheme. If you don’t solve it from the bottom of your heart, you can’t do well in MMM and thus you have no gut to recommend it to your friends. This article analyzes the difference between MMM and the Ponzi scheme from seven to eight aspects, mainly including the legal subject, project itself, risk tips, guarantees and promises;

“The Difference between MMM and the Ponzi Scheme”


2. Is MMM an illegal pyramid scheme

Illegal pyramid scheme is purely pulling people in and is illegal.

Two characteristics: 1) No products, referral fee; 2) there are products but their value severely deviates from its price;

For instance, a set of cosmetics is RMB 300 to RMB500 but is sold to you at RMB 3,000 to 5,000, even RMB6,000, thus making products be props.

Some illegal pyramid schemes restricts and even controls the freedom of person. If you are unlucky enough to fall into an illegal pyramid scheme, they will expropriate your ID card and mobile phone, then brainwash you and force you to call and trick your friends and families to participate;


MMM is absolutely not pyramid scheme! Because:

1) No product or service is sold or consumed in the MMM community.

2) People donate money to others voluntarily on the basis of identifying the philosophy of MMM and Mavrodi’s thoughts instead of that they make money for providing service or selling a product. Your 30% returns and various bonuses are from the donation of other participants.

3) Participants can register on the MMM platform without a referrer or guider; in the past, participants in MMM are free to select and replace the guider, thus resulting in arbitrary translation of various team. But there is no such problem in MMM KRYPTO where all team structures are registered on the blockchain and no one could change the team structure.

4) MMM participants don’t have to provide referrals. A participant could provide help and get help at any any time and independently enjoy 30% of the returns. Fr pyramid scheme, you wouldn’t get any profits without referrals.

5) Participants won’t make money from the participants; referrer hasn’t withdrawn the money of referral forcibly and the leadership award is paid by other participants rather than you referrals.

6) Participants join in MMM voluntarily. They don’t loss their liberty and suffer no damage of his property because they provide help on his own will.

In a word, if anybody says MMM is a pyramid scheme, you just tell them that “I could get returns without providing referrals in MMM. Could you get returns without referral in a pyramid scheme”. Some platform forces participants to develop the team. If not, your 30% returns may be changed to 10%. This obviously goes against MMM’s principle of voluntariness;


3. Legal risks for participation in MMM

We talked about earlier that MMM is legal from the perspective of the community. Now let’s talk about the risks for participation in MMM from the perspective of participants.

1) MMM is not a subject of legal relations and has no legal relationship with its participants so the MMM Community cannot be illegal.

2) MMM is a social network, where people are willing to register and help each other voluntarily

3) MMM participants have no legal relationship with MMM but have the economic relationship of “donor and receiver” with each other.


Analysis of social mutual aid:

Mutual aid of mankind is similar to mutualism of living things. The so-called mutualism means that two creatures living together is good for each others’ species. For instance, a crocodile lies on the beach, baking in the sun with mouth open. At this time, some sort of bird would fly to the crocodile’s mouth and chop off carrion in the teeth. This is good for crocodile's health and in this way can the bird get food. This is mutualism.


Social mutual aid is not unilateral care and help, but is a social exchange. It is divided into two levels:

1) Pure altruistic mutual support based on the simplest emotion of mankind is actually charity and donation.

2) Another level is interdependence based on rational utilitarianism, i.e., you and me help each other, which is the most common form of social mutual aid. MMM is the social mutual aid at the second level. It’s an social exchange and the international mutual aid with expected return.


Mavrodi defines participants as the donors. With regard to the legality of its participants’ activity, it can be qualified as an act of gracious donation. Giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems unless he subsidizes the enemy country or hostile forces. The right of donation is one of the main forms for citizens to exercise the private property right.

As discussed previously, Mavrodi defines participation in MMM as an act of donation which is a resultof the helpless of reality but also reveals his wisdom. Only in this way can MMM bypass government regulations and avoid various legal troubles.

“MMM Risk Analysis from a Legal Point of View”



In the modern world of justice, kindness and honesty are no longer a myth or fantasy - there is more that we can do! - MMM makes them real! Join us - let’s change the world together!

Financial enlightenment! The financial disaster is inevitable!