FAQ � Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MMM?

2. What was MMM created for?

3. Who is MMM guided by?

4. Who can join MMM?

5. Does MMM act on legal grounds?

6. What is a ‘Personal Office’ (PO)?

7. Who are referrers and referrals?

8. What does 'invite' mean?

9. What is a referral link?

10. How many times am I allowed to provide and get assistance?

11. I have changed my password and now I have diffuculties with making a “GET HELP” request. Why?

12. Who are Guiders?

13. Am I allowed to add several USDT addresses?

14. How can I take part in the development of the MMM Community?

15. How to recover a password for Personal Office?

16. How to register in MMM?

17. What to do if I can't access to Personal Office?

18. How to write a “Letter of happiness”?

19. How to get in touch with my Guider?

20. What to do in case of unforeseen problems?

21. How to use Google Authenticator?

22. How to protect Personal Office from hacking?

1. What is MMM?

MMM is a global mutual aid fund, financial social network. MMM isn’t a company, organization or a business project. MMM has its own website which connects participants who want to provide help with those who need help. The participants transfer money, acting of their own free will. There aren’t any obligations and guarantees. If you have any other questions, please contact our guiders. They are always ready to help you.


2. What was MMM created for?

The aim of MMM is to encourage and teach people to provide financial help to each other and change in this way the character of financial relations among people throughout the modern world. Unlike charity organizations that offer help to people who got into trouble, MMM promotes mutual help — everybody is helped and everybody helps. It paves the way to a more humane and fair society.


3. Who is MMM guided by?

The idea of creating a global community of mutual aid belongs to Sergey Mavrodi, who founded and led MMM. That was Sergey Mavrodi who allowed the Community to remain united and carry on its development. Sergey Mavrodi did everything possible to make the MMM work not stop for a minute.
Now all the top Leaders are determined to continue the great gifted work of Mavrodi. We have picked up the banner of the MMM and continue implementing the ideas of Sergey Mavrodi at https://www.mmmkrypto.com. We need an honest global mutual aid fund, deprived of all restrictions and theft of the administration!
MMM Community appreciates each member of the Community, their ideas and offers. Each active participant who shares the values of MMM can become a guider and create his or her own structure.


4. Who can join MMM?

Any person of legal age is able to join the MMM Community. There is absolutely equal attitude to members of different age and social groups, work status and political backgrounds, countries and religions. The Community doesn’t contrast people against each other and doesn’t act on the principle of “divide and conquer”. Everyone contributes to the common good. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid enriching themselves at the expense of others.


5. Does MMM act on legal grounds?

MMM has no financial accounts and thus has no need in legal registration.

MMM is the community, the social network, where people, who are willing to help each other voluntarily, can register and leave their contact information. Thus, the members of the MMM Community have no financial relationship with the Community itself, but only with each other. That is why MMM is not a subject of legal relations, and so the MMM Community cannot be illegal. With regard to the legality of its participants’ activity, it can be qualified as an act of gracious donation. Giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems. The right for gift giving — is one of the main forms of realization of the right for private property. MMM Community advocates for citizens’ strict observance of their countries’ legislation.


6. What is a ‘Personal Office’ (PO)?

Personal Office is the personalized section of the site, available for registered members. The Personal Office displays information related to membership in the Community, it’s possible to get, provide and confirm help, to enter and edit your personal contact details, to register newcomers and manage their PO, to select a referrer and a manager, to have support from consultants, to enter into a direct relationship with the recipient or assistance provider, adjust the time of providing/getting help, etc. You provide assistance to other participants only through Personal Office (PO) and only after you have created a request for providing help for a certain amount. Access password in PO is sent to a participant after the registration.

Logging in your PO and key transactions on funds withdrawal or change in account should be made only after SMS confirmation by the phone. The most frequently visited sections of the PO are Dashboard where you can find the information part of all operations, and “MMM KRYPTO”, where you can get acquainted with the current status and expectable growth of the funds on your account. Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of filling in the “Accounts” section. So that incompleteness or inaccuracy in bank details won’t cause any problems. In case of blocking of your PO due to violations of the rules, the only available operation remains is to contact support in order to learn the cause of the blockage and the conditions of its withdrawal.


7. Who are referrers and referrals?

A referrer is a participant of the Community who invited another participant. A referral is someone who was invited. If you registered a new participant or he registered himself by your invitation code, then you’re a referrer, and he is your referral. In PO in the section “Participants”, you can see the list of your referrals (there may be many of them). Any newcomer who came through your referral link will be directed to the registration page of MMM’s website, where he will be automatically considered your referral. Yyour referral link can be found in PO in “My page” section and in “Participants — referrals” subsections. To place your referral link on other Internet resources you must copy it in the body of the message.


8. What does 'invite' mean?

This is a verbal invitation code from a participant of MMM, owing to which he can invite other people into the Community and get a referral bonus.

For this purpose newcomer writes an invite of inviting person in the appropriate section of the registration form. From that moment on, he becomes your referral. To get a personal invite, go to PO in the section “My page” and specify the meaning word for it. To attract new members by using the invite there are many possibilities depending on the personal creativity and imagination. The most popular of them are:

  • handing out business cards;
  • distribution of leaflets and booklets;
  • participating in the online forums for advertising and shopping sites, personal sites and blogs;
  • supporting any distributed promo-advertising materials with the text “by registering in MMM, please use my invite (indicating it further)”;
  • opening of MMM clubs in your city;
  • charity activity on the behalf of the MMM Community.


9. What is a referral link?

The referral link is the invite’s analogue, but it is more convenient to attract new members through the Internet. A person coming to the system through your referral link will be automatically redirected to MMM register page. After registering he automatically becomes your referral. Afterwards, you can receive referral bonuses from all contributions he/she makes. The referral link can be found in PO in the “My page” section, in the “Referrer” tab or in “Participants-Referrals” subsection.

All you need to do — is to click “Show my referral link”, which will open a new window, and copy all the text in the field.


10. How many times am I allowed to provide and get assistance?

The number is unlimited. You can provide help even if you have already created “Get Help” request. However, you cannot activate more than one “Get Help” request at the same time. During this time, you also will not be able to make any changes in the section “My page” and “Accounts”, so you should check in advance the correctness of your data before sending the request for getting help.


11. I have changed my password and now I have diffuculties with making a “GET HELP” request. Why?

If you decide to change the password to your Personal Office, a five-day moratorium on getting assistance (withdrawals) will be imposed on you. That is, within 5 days after the password has been changed, you won’t have the right to create a request for getting assistance. After the specified time is over, all your rights will be restored and you will be able to get help. This is done for security purposes to prevent hacking and stealing your account by frauds and hackers.


12. Who are Guiders?

Guiders are experienced and well-informed participants of the Community who consult and help the participants who they lead. Guiders don’t have the right to demand the money to be transferred to any account. They just help the members of their unit feel confident in the Community and are responsible for the members whose direct guiders they are. Guider ’s bonuses from the contributions made by the participants of their structures have a multilevel character (See the section on bonus programs Bonus System).



In MMM System you are allowed to add one USDT address to your personal office. You have the right to request assistance to be sent to any specified USDT address of yours.


14. How can I take part in the development of the MMM Community?

Spreading MMM ideas and inviting new members to the Community is your additional contribution to the development of the Community. Nobody forces participants to invite beginners, however understanding that the Community exists due to the development pushes many participants to take active position. Hold seminars or home presentations, conduct charity actions or flash mobs, lead webinars and thematic blogs. Create your own large structure getting Structure and Team’s bonuses for that. At the same time, you’ll make your own contribution to the development of the Community MMM KRYPTO.


15. How to recover a password for Personal Office?

If you have forget your password or want to change it, follow "Get a new password" link.

  1. Enter your e-mail address which you specified during the registration.
  2. Click on "Send a request" button.
A message with a link to recover your password will be sent to your e-mail.

Following that link in the “Password Recovery” letter you will be redirected to the “Change Password” page, where your Recovery code will be already inserted automatically.

  1. Create a strong password (make sure that the hint become green, that means the password is strong enough good). Use small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. Your password must be at least 8 characters.
  2. Retype your password.
  3. Click on “Change password” button.

Congratulations! Your password has been changed.


16. How to register in MMM?

If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official MMM website or by one of Guider’s.

To register in MMM you need to go to MMM website [ Home ] and click on “Registration” button in the upper right corner.

Fill the registration form.
(Fields marked with * are required)

  1. Enter your name (or a nickname).
  2. Enter your e-mail (preferable mailbox is gmail.com).
  3. Create your password
  4. Retype created password
  5. Enter an invite code of a participant who invited you MMM (if there is any)
  6. Enter numbers from the picture.
  7. Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that you accept it.
  8. Click on “Registration in MMM” button.

Once you have completed all required fields there will be a congratulation message on your screen. And also instructions what to do next:

  1. Go to Personal Office’s website.
  2. Read about how to successfully participate in MMM.


17. What to do if I can’t access to Personal Office website?

If you can not access the official MMM website or Personal Office for any reason, try to:

  • Open it with another browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Clear cache of your browser
  • Check your firewall or antivirus programs

If it doesn’t help, use extensions that enable to avoid blocks such as:

These applications are easy to use and compatible with the most popular browsers — Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

You can also use TOR browser. You can read about TOR and download it here.


18. How to write a “Letter of happiness”?

As soon as Help was received (money for "sold' MMM KRYPTOs), every participant has to write a "Letter of happiness". A form for creating such letter will appear automatically when you confirm your receipt of funds. Later it will be published in “Testimonials” section on MMM Website.

How to create a “letter of happiness”:

  1. Write your text with:
    — your name (nickname)
    — date of providing help
    — amount of provided help
    — date of receiving help
    — amount of received help
    — any additional relevant information.
  2. Attach a screenshot or a file with confirmation of funds receipt.
  3. If you attached a wrong file, you can delete it.
  4. Insert a link for your video.
  5. Tick the box if you want to get additional bonus for video.
  6. Сlick on “Send”.


19. How to get in touch with my Guider?

  1. Follow the link Create message in your Personal Office.
  2. Click on "Create message".
  3. Specify your question.
  4. Clearly describe your situation.
  5. Attach any relevant files as proofs (if necessary).
  6. Click on "Save".

You can create a message on any issue.

  • A created message will be displayed in the "Sent" messages list.
    You should wait for an answer from your Guider. When the Guider responds to your message, a notification will appear in the upper-right corner of your PO.


20. What to do in case of unforeseen problems?

Question: I’ve forgotten/ I want to change my password, but I didn’t receive any message to my e-mail with password recovery. What should I do?

Answer: Check “Spam” folder. If you really didn’t receive, request it again.

Question: I have confirmed USDT, but I can’t withdraw them. Why?

Answer: You should have not only confirmed, but also unfrozen USDT. Every type of MMM KRYPTO has different color. Green USDT are available for withdrawal (“selling”), blue ones are frozen, red ones  are unconfirmed.

Question: My account was hacked! What steps should be taken?

Answer: Change your password immediately! Inform your Guider about the incident.

Question: I want to “buy/sell” Мavros (created a Request), but see no Order(s) in my Personal Office.

Answer: An Order creation can take up to 3 days. You should just wait. If you waited for more than 3 days, contact your Guider.


21. How to use Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator (GA) is the authorization method for additional security to enter your Personal Office. GA is an application. It’s generating a code to access your Personal Office. GA can be used even without internet connection. It can be installed on smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets.

How to install Google Authenticator application.

=> Android devices

Requirements — version 2.1 or later.

  1. Visit Google Play page.
  2. Search for “Google Authenticator”.
  3. Install the application.

=> iPhone, iPod Touch или iPad

Requirements — version iOS 5.0 or later.

  1. Enter App Store.
  2. Enter the search term Google Authenticator.
  3. Download and install the application.

App configuration:

  1. Get the key (GA) in the Personal Office. The instructions are described below.
  2. Open Google Authenticator app on your mobile.
  3. Click "+".
  4. Click Time based (tag 1).

=> PC and laptop

  1. Install the "Mozilla Firefox" Web Browser.
  2. Follow this link www.marketplace.firefox.com
  3. Type "Google Authenticator" in the search box and press enter.
  4. Find "Google Authenticator App" and click "Free".
  5. Find One Pop up window in the top left of the browser. It will ask — Do you want to install "Google Authenticator" from this site (marketplace.firefox.com)? Click "Install".
  6. Check you have an icon on your desktop.


22. How to protect Personal Office from hacking?

MMM aims to create maximum safety for each participant. But, unfortunately, periodically attackers still get access to the Personal Office of the Community’s members.

In 99% of cases this is the fault of the participants themselves, who were too trusting or allowed to infect their computer with malware.

We want you to be careful and not allow the scammers to steal your data, so we have created detailed instructions on how to protect yourself from intruders.

MMM does not ask for a password and does not offer paid services

Scammers can enjoy participants’ trustfulness:

  • A scammer gets in touch with you (via social networks, skype, etc.) and  introduces himself as MMM administration.
  • He makes up a reason (e.g. the suspicion of fraud) and asks you to send your password to the  account for so-called reliability verification.
  • You believe him and send the password. The scammer changes the account data and transfers USDT to his bank details.

Remember:  MMM administration never asks for your password in any circumstances. Only you know the password. Don't give it to anyone, especially to the fake administration!

The majority of the participants know that MMM does not ask for a password, so the scammers have other ways and offer paid services on behalf of the administration:

  • The scammer contacts  you (via social networks, skype, etc.) and introduces himself as  MMM administration.
  • He offers the solution of your problem: to unlock your account, to make this process twice faster, to consider the ticket right now and so on, asking for a certain amount, e.g. $ 20.
  • You are happy that the account will be unlocked and send 20 dollars to the scammer. As a result, you lost 20 dollars, and the account remained blocked.

Remember: MMM administration never offers any paid services and doesn't take money from the participants. If you are asked to transfer money to the account of MMM administration for some services — you are cheated!

Create a complicated password and keep it safe

The attacker can get the password of the Personal Office without trying to have it out by fraud from  you personally. Scammers use software to generate passwords and choose the cipher automatically. If the password is too simple — you are under threat of hacking.

The password has 5 categories of complexity:

  1. Very simple. Such password is easy to pick out even for a beginning hacker. It often consists of letters or numbers in a consecutive order on the keyboard.
    Examples: qwerty; 123456.
  2. Simple. The password consists of letters (often a word) or numbers (usually date of birth), without a consecutive order on the keyboard.  It’s too easy to crack.
    Examples: mavrodi; 010392.
  3. Average. The password consists of letters and numbers, of more than 8 characters. This password is difficult to crack, but if the hacker is advanced, he can do it.
    Examples: goldenstyle1771; neverbealone45.
  4. Complex. This password is hard to crack even for the advanced hacker. It has more than 11 characters, it consists of different letter cases (large and small) and numbers.
    Examples: sCorPionWins1572; MMMfOrEvEr77877.
  5. Very complex. Such passwords will bring problems even to the state security services, not to mention usual hackers. Such passwords are at least of 15 characters, contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

To keep your Personal Office safe, use difficult and very complex passwords. Change  passwords every 3-6 months. 

If you find it difficult to come up with a complex password, use the online generators:

Do not keep your passwords in a text document on your computer, memorize them and write down on a piece of paper, put it in a safe place.

For additional convenience and security you can use a free password Manager KeePass - http://keepass.com/. The passwords will be stored in a secure database. Create one complex password for  access to the program. This password can be used to log any other sites in.

Remember: Scammers use programs to guess passwords. To protect your Personal Office, create complex passwords of 11 and more characters with numbers and mixed letter cases. Do not store the passwords in text documents, write them on a piece of paper and/or use a password Manager KeePass. Change your passwords regularly.

Use Gmail and set maximum safety

If an attacker cannot guess the password to your account, he attempts to hack your E-mail in order to get access to your Personal Office using the password recovery procedure:

  • The scammer cannot guess the password to the account. He clicks “forgot password”.
  • The hacker cracks the E-mail and finds a letter from MMM, clicks on the link and comes up with a new password to log in.
  • The attacker changes the accounts details for his own and transfers MMM KRYPTO to his account. You won't even get access to your PO because you don't know the new password.

We highly recommend you to use Gmail — mail.google.com/. It is the most secure mail at the moment.

  1. Create a complex password for Gmail, different from the passwords to social networks, MMM Personal Office and other sites. Change it regularly.
  2. Make up a difficult question for the password recovery. For example, what nickname did you invent for a second cousin’s hamster  when you were 12 years old?
  3. Use a two-step authentication. To log in your email you will enter codes, received via SMS, a phone call or a mobile app. The scammer won’t log in your e-mail, even if he hacks the password, because he doesn’t  know the secret code.
  4. Use Google Authenticator (GA). This convenient mobile app for passing a two-step verification. It is supported by Android, iPhone and BlackBerry and works even without Internet connection or mobile network. Instruction
  5. Remember: a scammer can get into PO by cracking your E-mail. Use G-mail, invent a complex password and change it regularly. Set maximum security: select a difficult security question for the password recovery and select a two-step authentication.

Use only secured browsers and do not allow them to save passwords

If you have invented a reliable password and protected your E-mail, the scammer may try to attack you through the browser. One of the browser’s functions is remembering passwords so that it would be  more convenient for the user to log in sites. This can be used by the attacker:

  • You come up with a complex password and allow the browser to save it. You go to make tea.
  • The scammer hacks your browser and copies the password.
  • The attacker enters your Personal Office and creates a request for assistance, filling in his details. You return with the tea, and your money is already transferred to the account of the scammer.

Protect yourself from hacking by 2 steps:

  1. Use only tested browsers with a high security. We recommend Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Do not allow your browser to remember passwords.

Remember: an attacker could try to hack you via the browser. To protect yourself, use only tested browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and do not allow them to remember passwords.

Do not visit suspicious websites and install a powerful antivirus

If you store the password in your computer or phone, the attacker has another option to steal it - to infect your PC or smartphone with spyware. How it happens:

  • You surf the Internet and see the message on one of the sites “Congratulations, you are the 1 000 000th visitor, you have won  BMW X6”.
  • You follow the link, then you are asked to fill the winner's form in in the bulletin. You need to download it, fill it in and send.
  • You download the file and open it, and there is a virus instead of the form. The computer is installed with spyware, and the attacker gains access to your documents.
  • The scammer finds your password on the PC, log in the Personal Office and transfers MMM KRYPTO to his account.
  • Additionally, he transfers money from your credit card to his card, locks down your computer and demands a ransom for unlocking it.

Install a reliable antivirus of the latest version for PC and smartphone. It protects from viruses and spyware. We recommend Avira, Norton Antivirus , NOD32, McAfee.

In some cases your antivirus may miss the danger by mistake. Install additional anti-spyware to help the antivirus to cope with malicious software. For Example, Anti-Malware, Malware-Fighter.

Use the rule of 4 “do nots”:

  • Don't click on unknown links
  • Don't click on pop-up advertising
  • Do not download unknown files (including via social networking websites and programs for chatting, e.g. Skype).
  • Do not visit suspicious websites.

Remember: an attacker could try to infect your computer with a virus or spyware program to steal money and information. Install a powerful antivirus, don't download unknown files and don’t click on suspicious links.

Update your antivirus, PC software and phone regularly

If you use all ways of the security, but do not update the software, you still risk being infected by a virus or a spyware program.

How it happens:

  • You install an antivirus. It's been offering an update during the month, but you postpone it.
  • The scammer attacks your computer with a new spyware program and infect it, because the antivirus is outdated and does not defend against new viruses.
  • The scammer steals your money and information, and you clutch your head and beat yourself up because you didn’t update the antivirus in time.

We recommend to select automatic updates. Also update the operating system of your PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and the smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry). Optionally update the software on your devices.

Remember: an attacker could infect your computer with fresh spyware, if you do not update the antivirus. Regularly update your antivirus, operating system and software on the PC and the smartphone.

What to do in case of hacking

If you failed to protect yourself and the scammer hacked your account — do not panic.

  1. Check whether you still have access to the Personal Office. If so, write to the support service immediately. MMM administration will temporarily stop the opportunity to make any operations using your PO, so that the scammer couldn’t transfer your MMM KRYPTO.
  2. If the scammer has managed to create a request for assistance before the administration  reviews the ticket, ask the sender not to transfer money.
  3. Even if you cannot log in your PO, inform an online consultant about the hacking.

To be a victim of the hacking is annoying, but not fatal. Don't let scammers steal access to your account.

Before you continue to participate in MMM, follow these steps:

  1. Scan the PC and the smartphone with your antivirus. Clean them from the malicious files.
  2. Make sure that intruders do not have access to your e-mail address. Be sure to change the password to the e-mail.
  3. Change the password to your Personal Office.

Remember: if you are hacked, don't panic. Inform  MMM administration. If the scammer has created a request for assistance, ask the sender not to transfer money. Clean your computer and smartphone from viruses and change your password to the e-mail. Then change your password to your Personal Office.

Follow these rules and do not allow criminals to deceive you — to infect your computer, steal money or information.

Yours truly,